Artificial joint collection: 30,000 yuan or more to 7,000 yuan, 4,000 yuan, 82%

Artificial Joint Centralized Quality Purchase Declaration Information Disclosure Conference is held in Tianjin.

The People’s Daily Nanet September 15 (Reporter Wang Hao) On September 14, the National Medical Insurance Bureau launched a centralized quantity of artificial joints in Tianjin and produced results. This purchase product range is the artificial hip joint, artificial knee joint, and 5804 medical institutions in the country, the first year is 540,000 intentional purchases, accounting for 90% of the total demand for medical institutions, with an average price reduction of 82%. The national patient will be used in March 2022, after reimbursement of the selected products after price cuts. This collection adheres to the integration of one, quantity and price hook, focusing on respecting clinical needs and joint product characteristics, making further exploration of innovation for procurement rules.

According to the characteristics of clinical use, the plurality of major components needed to clinically complete surgery are implemented in the product system, avoiding part of the necessary components due to the shortage of unsubbenge, and some components have increased prices due to not being included in the collection, ensuring clinical treatment Opections and safety.

Arthroplastic surgery requires a clinical accompanying service such as "follow-Taiwan", and this collecting enterprise quote single column accompanied by service fees to ensure product stability supply and use. A total of 48 companies participated in the collection, 44 of which were selected, and the chinaled rate was 92%. The average price of hip is induced from 10,000 yuan to 7,000 yuan, and the average price of knee joint is lowered to 5,000 yuan, and the average price is 82%.

Inner and foreign companies have products to be selected, including both well-known enterprises commonly used in medical institutions, including emerging enterprises, all of which serve all major brand companies to participate in this collection, and in a suitable price, the market supply is stable and energetic. Artificial joint replacement is one of the effective means of treating diseases such as femoral head necrosis, joint injury and osteoarthritis such as trauma, motion damage, degeneration, etc., can greatly restore patient joint activity machine, significantly improve the quality of life .

Due to the complexity of orthopedic consumables, it is difficult to compete, it is difficult to concentrate, and the price is significant, the patient is heavy.

The successful opening of the artificial joint orthopedic consumables, reflects the determination of deepening high-value medical consumables, and makes it more perfect for the promotion of the collection system framework, and the rules are more mature, which is important for the in-depth promotion of procurement reforms. .

The person in charge of the Tianjin Medical Insurance Department said that the responsibility of the "Liancai Office" given the country, synchronized China’s medical insurance medical supplies registration system (artificial joint), and trace the overall situation of the production, circulation, use and patients of artificial joints. Do the full-circular closed-loop management to ensure that the results of national organizational artificial joints centralized quantities in the country are successful in the country.

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