Before and after the national road, the stealing wells set different sins.

Original title: Before and after the national road, the stealing wells covered different sins of small wells with thousands of people’s travel safety. However, in the eyes of the stealing, these "safe covers" scattered on the city road, but they became their "rich cover", they extended the sinful hands to the well cover, leaving "eat people" "eat car" Major security risks. Laison a public prosecution in Jiangsu Province, recently, the court endanger the crime of public safety, theft, theft, theft, and sentenced the defendant Zhou, Zheng Mou, four years and four years in prison . In the early morning of April 13 this year, there were not many people on the road, and Ms. Ma took off from the Ni Moving lane in Niki City. Ms. Ma is not a riding speed, but on the route she travels, a "black hole" has already been ambushed. Only heard the "", the electric car wheel of Ms. Ma fell into the well, she immediately dropped from the electric car, diagnosed by the hospital, his left femur fracture, it requested for three months.

In fact, in the secondary road of work and farmers and the 328 National Highway, March to April, there have been more than 30 wells, and they are concerned about Zhou and Zheng. Zhou and Zheng were husband and wife, and they were a living on weekdays.

In early March of this year, Zhou made a stealing home of Dongxi, and got Zhengmao. Because Zhou’s leg foot is inconvenient, the two will take their attention to the well cover on the road.

The two people conducted division of labor, Zhou’s blue three-wheeled car with ordinary collection waste, was selected as a section that was in repair or just repaired, and Zhou was responsible, and Zheng was responsible for the wind, sometimes helping handle. Because it is afraid to be discovered, the two usually choose to start at around 4 in the morning, they take the night as covering, from March and April this year, there have been more than 30 窨 well covers. Two people sold these stolen wells to waste iron to a waste purchase point, in order to prevent waste acquisition points, Zhou will also smash the stolen well cover. Two people have a total of 2,000 yuan. After the injury was injured, the Yizheng Municipal Public Security Bureau has been reported to the masses, saying that there is a well-shade cover that is located at the entrance of the city’s 328 National Highway Northeast, and the entrance of the work of Henan Province. A few days later, the public security organs arrested Zhou Mou, Zheng, and the two confessed to theft of theft. "The two generally use crowbars, hand-moving ways to steal cases, a total of 12.

But theft of theft is different, the crime involved is different. According to the contract of the prosecutor, the 328 national road that the two implemented theft was officially opened on March 28 this year. According to the "Two High One", "Guidance Opinions on the Criminal Cases of Work-related Wells", theft The well-known crime is not the same, including the non-motorized lane, theft, the sidewalk, the station, terminal, park, square, school, business center, factory, community, college, business center, factory, community, college, business center, factory, community, college If the well cover is sufficient to endanger public safety, it has not yet caused serious consequences. According to the criminal law, it shall be punished in danger of danger of public safety. In view of the case involving the safety of the people’s lives along the people of the 328 National Highway, the crime involving the complicated, Yizheng City Procuratorate The sender introduced in advance to investigate, the restriction on the spot, asked the public security organ to investigate the public security organs, requiring the public security organ to investigate the monitoring equipment along the pointed well cover and the stolen location to the foot to the place where the place is taken. Clear cases, improve evidence chain. On August 2, the public security organ transferred the case to the procuratorate review and prosecuted.

"328 National Highway is officially opened, the flow of people, the traffic is small, after the official traffic on March 28, the flow of people, the traffic of the car" has threatened public safety.

"Introduction to the Prosecutor," therefore should be a time node on March 28, 2021, and the previous behavior is qualitatively crime, and the behavior is qualitative to endanger public safety in danger. "On September 1st, the Yizheng City Procuratorate took a public prosecution to the court with dangerous methods, theft of the United States, and the court adopted the sentencing suggestions of the procuratorate before receiving the prosecution. ■ Related links" "" "" "" "" "",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (,, Community, hospital, etc. If the public and private property is significant, it shall be punished according to the provisions of Article 115, paragraph 1, paragraph 1 of the Criminal Law. (Editor: Wu Nan, thin morning) Sharing let more people see.