[What is the authentic way of Northeast sauce beef?

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[What is the authentic way of Northeast sauce beef?
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Speaking of beef, there is a very long history of eating it in our country. In ancient times, people began to eat beef with sauce, and it has developed for many years. In our country, it has become a tradition.

There is no better beef sauce in the country than in the Northeast.

Of course, there are many other delicious foods in the Northeast, everyone can go and taste them.

So, what is the authentic way of Northeast sauce beef?

Main beef tendon meat, more than 3 pounds, green onion, ginger, anise, dried pepper, pepper, moderate.

Northeast sauce beef practice step 1.

Prepare a piece of beef tendon meat, buy this one for more than four pounds, the bigger point is that the beef can be reduced in a short time.


Prepare ingredients.

I think some people have extremely complicated ingredients for beef sauce and beef.

The Northeast sauce beef is not so complicated. The population of the Northeast likes to eat sauce flavor and does not like the flavor of spices.


There are three pieces of beef bone.

It’s best to simmer in water, remove the blood, and the soup is clear and bright.

Cut the green onion and cut the ginger into a big star anise, a few peppercorns, and use the rice cooker to stew the beef. It is very easy to use. You can press the steaming button when there is no beef in the water. There is no fixed time as long as the chopsticks can penetrate the meat.Out.


Remove the beef and set aside, pour the beef soup from the rice cooker into another pot, and we start to boil the soup.

Add soy sauce, seafood, soy sauce, and dry the chili small pieces of rock sugar. Put the beef in after boiling it, turn it evenly, turn it off when the soup is completely boiling, cover the pot, wait for some coolingTurn the beef over and cover the pot. After cooling completely, remove the rack and drain the soup on the chopsticks to cut the dish.

The “feature” sauce has a strong aroma and a purely seductive meaty flavor. The method is simple and worth trying.

Do n’t throw away the rest of the soup and seal it for use next time. This is a rare old soup!