[How to eat fresh ganoderma]_ practices _ practice Daquan

[How to eat fresh ganoderma]_ practices _ practice Daquan

I believe many people know the efficacy of Ganoderma, because Ganoderma has many functions, so the price of Ganoderma is also very high.

However, some foods cannot be eaten with Ganoderma lucidum, for example, Songhua egg, because Ganoderma lucidum regulates blood sugar and improves the human body’s immunity, etc., and Ganoderma lucidum contains a variety of trace elements such as protein.How does Ganoderma eat?

How to eat fresh ganoderma: 1. Slice the whole ganoderma drink, add pure water, and simmer in the simmer for two hours. Take the juice and add it to the honey before drinking.

2. Ganoderma sparkling wine Cut the ganoderma into the white wine bottle and soak it in a sealed soak. After three or five days, when the white wine turns brown-red, it can be replaced, or rock sugar or honey can be added.

3, Ganoderma lucidum soup soup: (1) Ganoderma lucidum soup soup ingredients: 15 grams of ganoderma, 23 grams of red dates, 23 grams of codonopsis, 24 grams of wolfberry, 15 grams of ginseng, 300 grams of pork ribs.

Production method: immerse ganoderma and other medicinal materials in 6000 ml of water for about 10 minutes (packed in a cloth bag and tie it), add ribs, cook for three hours, remove the bag, and season with salt, 250?
300 ml, eat meat and drink soup once a day.

Efficacy: refreshing and refreshing, spleen appetizer.

(2) Ganoderma lucidum soup ingredients: 15 grams of ganoderma lucidum, 1 gram of astragalus root, 100 grams of pork hooves tendon, onion, ginger and other spices.

Production method: Put Ganoderma lucidum and Astragalus in a gauze bag and tie it; wash the trotters and stew with Ganoderma lucidum, Astragalus and water until cooked, remove the medicine bag, season, and eat soup and meat.

Efficacy: spleen and soothe the nerves, nourish the kidney and nourish the liver, suitable for chronic hepatitis, loss of appetite, physical weakness, neurasthenia and other people.

(3) Ingredients for Ganoderma Chenpi Laoya Tang: 50g Ganoderma, 1 Chenpi, 1 Duck, 2 Jujube.

Production method: first clean the old duck, remove the hair, remove the internal organs, remove the duck tail, chop the large pieces, clean the ganoderma, chen zhi and jujube with clean water, and then put the above materials together in the boiling water, Cook over medium heat for another three hours, season with some salt, and enjoy with your meal.

Efficacy: qi and spleen, dampness and phlegm, nourishing yin and tonic, diuretic and swelling.