[Family practice of rice cake]_ 发 饼 _How to make_Method Daquan

[Family practice of rice cake]_ 发 饼 _How to make_Method Daquan

Hair cakes are traditional foods in the north and south. They are made from glutinous rice. The taste is particularly fragrant, sweet but not greasy, suitable for all ages, and high in nutritional value. Many families make their own homes.So complicated.

First, 110 grams of rice flour cake materials, 110 grams of flour, 180 grams of water, 22 grams of sugar, 2 grams of yeast, 2 grams of baking powder method1.

Add flour to the rice flour 2.

Pour in water, sugar, yeast, and baking powder (for baking powder, choose aluminum-free) 3.

Stir well 4.

The mold is pre-oiled 5.

Pour batter into 6.

Prompt until there are many bubbles on the surface, and some 7 rose.

Steam for another 20 minutes or so. Healthy and delicious two-color rice cakes with 150g of rice, 150g of black rice, 40g of caster sugar, 4g of yeast, and 350g of water.Grind into rice flour with ice function. Use the same method to grind black rice into rice flour 2. Fill rice bowl and black rice flour into bowls separately. Add 20 g white granulated sugar, 2 g yeast and 175 g water to each., Fermentation at room temperature to a state of large bubbles 4, after the rice milk is fermented, stir well with chopsticks, two different colored rice milks are crossed and poured into the mold brushed with a small amount of oil 5 multiple times.On the pan, steam over high heat for about 35 minutes. Tip 1: After the pan is out, do not rush out of the mold, wait for it to cool off, and then take off 2. After fermentation, add a small amount of baking powder to taste better.The sweetness of the hair cake is very light. I like to eat sweet. It is recommended to increase the amount of sugar. 3. Soft and sweet-Red rice hair cake material: Red rice powder 160ml (you can buy red rice with a mixer), flour 160ml, water 150ml, sugar 40ml, yeast1g flour Mix the rice flour, flour and sugar in a pot, mix the yeastPowdered with water.

Pour the yeast solution into the flour. Stir in the water. Stir for a while, let the powder thoroughly eat the water, then cover it (I used the lunch box) and put it in the rice cooker to ferment.Don’t burn the temperature).

Wait for the fermentation to reach two times (approximately two or three hours) and stir again to make it softer.

Then put it into the rice cooker to ferment.

The middle rice cooker is not warm. You can reheat it with a heat preservation file. Be careful not to take too long and burn the yeast.

When it is sent twice more (about two hours, it can be made longer), steam the grid with wet oiled gauze, and pour rice batter into things like red dates, raisins, wolfberry, and walnuts.

Cover with high heat and steam for 40-50 minutes.

Tips Red rice is also called bloody glutinous rice. Red glutinous rice is a good product for nourishing blood.

You can also replace red rice with purple rice, millet, etc. The water content of purple rice cakes should be a little more, and there should be no problem within 200ML.