You’re Young took two endings, and finally chose a warmer

“You’re Young” took two endings, and finally chose a warmer
The film “You’re You” takes the background of the eve of the college entrance examination as the story of Chen Nian, played by Zhou Dongyu, who was bullied by the school, Xiao Bei, played by Yi Xi Qianxi, secretly protects her, and the two most caring people hug each other to keep warm.The producer Xu Yuezhen initially saw this project and gave it to the director Zeng Guoxiang. The director was very moved and decided to move it to the screen. He particularly distressed the teenager in the story and hoped that the film would bring some reflection to the audience.In some conflicts, as long as we can have hope, someone will always stand up to help you and take you out of the conflict.”This is the second collaboration between the two following” July and Ansheng “, quoting the romance of” July and Ansheng “, and” Youth of the Youth “is more realistic. In order to enhance the realism of the film, the movie uses a lot ofHandheld photography.Producer Xu Yuezhen said that although the film has been filmed for so many years, the feeling it gave her was rare. “Everyone is passionate about doing one thing. I’m afraid there will be no second film in the future.Way inside “.During the performance of Zhou Dongyu’s crying play, when he was cast, Zeng Guoxiang had already discovered that Chen Nian’s role was none other than Zhou Dongyu’s, but he was under more pressure. He was worried that Chen Nian in “Youth of the Youth” would not exceed her previous performance in “SevenAn Sheng played as “Moon and An Sheng”.In “July and Ansheng”, almost half of Zhou Dongyu’s performances are from her own, and in “You’re Young”, the biggest goal set by the director and producer for Zhou Dongyu is: no one thinks of her after the performance.Like Zhou Dongyu, she wants to become Chen Nian.Zhou Dongyu’s character is the kind of laughter, and this time Chen Nian’s character is completely opposite.The director went down to suppress her usual personality. She didn’t want the small movements on her body. She didn’t even walk like Zhou Dongyu. “Basically, it was pressing her to perform.”Zhou Dongyu’s crying scene amazed opponent actors.In the film, Zhou Dongyu has a lot of crying scenes. From the perspective of producer Xu Yuezhen, making a 26-year-old actor cry as sad as a child is not something every actor can do.Zhou Dongyu ‘s crying scene also amazed Yin Fang, who played her opponent, calling her a genius. “She can cry in different ways at any time, she can shed tears and laugh, she can laugh and shed tears, she can stop there,No one is the same, and the response to you will always be fresh. “What impressed Yin Fang was Zhou Dongyu’s ability to switch from play to play, and to switch scenes freely. “She doesn’t mean that she needs to brew emotions before filming. She should laugh and laugh before filming.”Yi Xian Qianxi devoted the first kiss on the screen. This film is Yi Xian Qianxi’s big screen debut. He also dedicated his first screen kiss. There were two kiss scenes with Zhou Dongyu.”The first kiss scene was the first time the two met and kissed under the coercion of the little bastard. The second time, Xiao Bei staged a fake “rape” scene to protect Chen Nian.Both kiss scenes took place in extreme situations. Yi Xian Qianxi said: “The mood is very complicated, and there are both gentle and cold things in it, which are more difficult to perform.”In the eyes of the director, Yi Xian Qianxi understands the other party very well and is “very empathetic”, so he will protect Chen Nian.At the beginning of playing the role of Xiaobei, Yi Xian Qianxi was more difficult to enter the role, but gradually found a feeling under the director’s slow adjustment.There is a scene in the film where he lies on his bed in the past. The director did not ask him to cry at the time, but he was unconsciously put in tears during the performance, completely from real emotions.Behind the scenes, in order to restore the college entrance examination, I captured the film of the Chongqing exam room last year with the eve of the college entrance examination as the background of the story, which involved a lot of high school campus life and part of the students preparing for the exam.Director Zeng Guoxiang, as a Hong Kong director heading north, felt that he had to restore reality when preparing for this alternative. The audience could not be made to feel that the film was an unfounded film.Therefore, before shooting, he did a lot of data collection, read a lot of records about the college entrance examination, and chatted with some teachers and students to restore the true situation on the eve of the college entrance examination.During the college entrance examination in June 2018, the director and the photographer and the producer went to the local examination room in Chongqing to capture a lot of shots. The two days of shooting helped the director a lot. Now many of the elements of the college entrance examination in the movie are based on the shots taken during those two days.And try to restore it again.In the second half of the film, which is very frank, the filming of shaved heads, both Chen Nian and Xiao Bei shaved a little bit. This is also a highlight in the film.The scene was filmed for two days. On the first day, Yi Xi Qian Xi shaved Zhou Dongyu, and on the second day Yi Xi Qian Xi shaved his own hair again.This is also a scene in which the two emotionally sublimated. Yi Xian Qianxi said that the two of them were basically shirtless when shooting this scene. “Very frank, there are no secrets, and there is no psychological coverage. The two began to melt slowly.As one, it is emotionally above love.”The staff shaved their heads to cheer up the actors.”Before the filming, in order to cheer up the two actors, the crew also shaved their heads and took a big group photo while sitting on a step.Director Zeng Guoxiang was very moved every time he saw this photo. “It is very representative of our state of mind at that time. Everyone attached great importance to it and worked very hard to make this work.”In the drama of rolling stairs, Zhou Dongyu, a director and Yi Xi Qianxi in the demonstration film, often encountered bullying on campus and was bullied by classmates. One of them was pushed down by a classmate and rolled down the stairs directly. It was very dangerous.Director Zeng Guoxiang said that during the filming, the crew put a cushion on the stairs. The director and Yi Xi Qianxi rolled the stairs once to ensure that the stairs were safe, and then let Zhou Dongyu do it again.At that time, use special effects to wipe off the cushion.The finale chooses a warmer ending of “Youth of the Teenager”, and the lens shifts to 2015 after 4 years. Chen Dong, played by Zhou Dongyu, has become an English teacher. She and a student are walking on the road, played by Yi Xi QianxiXiaobei followed, and the camera slowly turned into a roadside surveillance camera.Although the whole movie is relatively heavy, but in the end it gave a warmer ending.Director Zeng Guoxiang disclosed that the team considered whether it was easy to put the “2015” in the movie at the end, and did not intend to put it in the beginning, but later after watching the movie to some friends, they felt a bit heavy and finally decided to stillKeep some light and sunlight behind, let the audience leave the cinema with some hope and warmth.Producer Xu Yuezhen also said that at the time he made two endings, and some people also said that the bright ending was “impossible, too fake” when talking about the script, but Xu Yuezhen and the director insisted on it. The two felt that making a movie was not for everyone.Feelings, or telling the audience what they should believe, “Putting out what we believe in is not just warming everyone, but I am a bit dissatisfied with the director. I think the world should be like this.Yes, this is our attitude.”Sauna, Ye Wang Teng Chao editor Huang Jialing school against Zhao Lin