“Did not bring!I flew for more than ten hours just to bring you these?”

Huo Rongxuan was bored with fire,Go forward with the suitcase。After walking a few steps, Shen Han didn’t follow,Looking back, the kid was still standing there stupidly。
Huo Rongxuan called him,He just came over to hold his hand,Don’t forget to say:“If you didn’t bring it, you didn’t bring it,Be sure to remember next time,I have been thinking about it for months。”
Shen Han probably had been wearing gloves before,My palms are warm now,Huo Rongxuan was taken the initiative to feel comfortable,I can’t bear to see this kid look disappointed,Had to tell him:“Okay, stop making trouble,Bring them all。”
Shen Han’s spirit came instantly,Eyes are bright,“Really?”
Huo Rongxuan looked at him soaring,Kicked myself and printed someLOGOObscured suitcase,“Brought two boxes,Is it enough?”
He didn’t bring a few of his things this time,All this mess for this ancestor。
Shen Han immediately became excited,Cheers and kissed Huo Rongxuan’s face in front of so many passersby at the airport。
Huo Rongxuan hugged Shen Han and walked out,His face restrained and didn’t show much pride,I still don’t forget to talk:“The house smells like a smell after cooking,I don’t know where it’s worth thinking about。”
I didn’t expect that once he finished,Just listen to Shen Han tell him:“Huo Rongxuan,I don’t care about snail noodles。”
Huo Rongxuan is happy,Just wanted to refute,But I saw Shen Han looking at him with dark eyes,Suddenly came:“I miss you。”
They are already out of the airport,It’s quiet around,Huo Rongxuan felt as if someone was beating a drum next to his ear,Also deafening。
Really is,The more I live, the more I go back。
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