Chen Xiu also knows how many mountain mosquitoes were killed。

“Be quiet,Don’t make such a big noise,We set ambush!”Zhu Huiwei complained。
“I’m weird,Why are these mosquitoes biting me?,Why don’t they bite you!”
Zhu Huiwei proudly reveals two long fangs,Said:“I am the ancestor of blood sucking,Do they dare to bite me!”
I’m kind of idiot to ask this question myself。
“correct,Is this trap you designed useful?”
“Get rid of your questioning tone!!”
Chen Xiu pointed to the trap arranged in advance under the banyan tree and said:“I am based on《One Exorcism Sutra》The arrangement of the Seven Stars Big Dipper Array above,The bottom layer is covered with cinnabar、The top layer has been painted with black male dog blood for ten years,And also a virgin dog!”
“How do you know it’s a virgin dog?”
“The person who sold my blood said。”
“I said you are a three-generation zombie,Can you just focus on whether the dog is in question。What you should care about is how powerful my seven-star Big Dipper formation is。”
“Correct,How powerful!”Zhu Huiwei asked very cooperatively。
“Hehe,This power is great!”
Chen Xiu said proudly:“Once the zombie enters the formation,Immediately power down by half。”
“It was the ancestor of the thirty-first generation of Exorcism who created this formation.,Back then, he trapped five fifth-generation zombies at once by this formation,And annihilated in one fell swoop!”
“Just five generations of zombies?”
Zhu Huiwei said doubtfully:“Is this formation useful for more advanced zombies??”