Chen Xiu’s family is behind Dashan,Although not called primeval forest,But occasionally, wild boars rush down from the mountain to destroy the crops。

The next day, Chen Xiu and Hu Zi went up the mountain to play game for their mother’s birthday。
I saw Huzi was familiar with the road in the mountains,Chen Xiuda is strange。
“Tiger,How do you feel that you are more familiar than me who has lived here for more than 20 years?”
“Didn’t I say,Two years ago I led a team into the mountain to hunt a team awaysiGang,In this big mountain,Spent a week in this mountain,The dry food we led the next day after entering the mountain was gone,At that time, we also collected materials on the spot,Wild boar、Hare don’t know how much……One week down,Although the smuggling gang let them run,My comrades in arms have gained two pounds!”
“It seems that you were all about hunting,Not thinking about catching thieves!”Chen Xiu said。
“Wool,A dozen thieves hiding in this mountain are like looking for a needle in a haystack,How easy it is?People like you are just like the keyboard man on the Internet,Move your mouth,The mouth does not go through the brain!”
Huzi shot an arrow when he was talking,A hare five meters away was pinned directly to the ground。
“go with,Pick up the rabbit!”
Huzi is not only strong,Playing with crossbow arrows is also a good player,Along the way, there are no arrows,One shot,A dozen hares hit,Especially to challenge the fat,Chen Xiu has become a messenger in charge of picking up rabbits。
“So powerful,Why didn’t you come back from hitting a wild boar!”
Chen Xiu muttered and pulled out the arrow,Suddenly the mark on the palm of the hand is hot,This feeling is the most familiar to him。
“There are treasures!”
Chen Xiu looked around,But there are no people here all year round,There are thick layers of leaves on the ground,Run the heat in the body on the eyes,Close your eyes and open them again,Look around again,Everything can be seen clearly。