“Samcheong,Tathagata,I often talk about Tao。”Master Hengmu is also smiling。

“Hengmu donor,If you like,Can enter my buddha,I wait to be in charge of Buddhism together!”
“Haha,Sakyamuni, you thief monk,See that the gate is developed,You seem to be pulling people。”The strange bird in the monster’s power laughed。
“Southern Prince is willing to enter my Buddhism,Can also be a Buddha。”
“Tathagata,If the Southern Prince enters Buddhism,I’m afraid it wasn’t her wife who wouldn’t let him kneel down,Changed to kneeling Buddhist beads。”
“At least the innate Lingbao can withstand the kneeling of the Southern Prince!”
“Nonsense,Daozu,Can it be called a kneeling ant??”
Powers of the Three Realms,Let go of your burden,All talking and laughing,Full of joy。
The power of infinite doors,Naturally it is impossible to integrate so easily,After all,Some still have blood and deep hatred。
but,Over time,These great abilities of Wujianmen will gradually merge into the Three Realms。Even Wujianmen itself will gradually separate。
No room door,In itself, it is a group of the strong in the world of chaos。And the unity of the endless chaotic world,Also because of the suppression of the master of the heart demon。
Heart demon into heaven,Wujianmen vows to reconcile with the Nuwa camp,The basis for the existence of Infernal Gate is gone。
at least,At this moment, Moshou Daozu has planned to establish a sect alone。
quickly,The Three Realms will enter a new era。
And no one saw it,Zhulong Mingdao’s face,A gloomy flash。