Every gunshot,It all seemed to ring the death knell in the evening,One of the team members will fall down upon hearing the sound……

“really!The Goddess of Victory will only favor the stronger teams!Less than the second game6minute,The kill score has come‘15:3’,It’s as if the strength of the two teams is very different!”Sakata-kun explained。
Prelude-newborn Chapter 52 emergency
The second game of e-sports between Jingnan Communication University and Jingnan University of Science and Technology,The random map is“Blue Wave Airport”,The game mode is“Kill mode”。When the game time reaches the first10minute,The kill score has come“28:5”。The technologically large flower and grass team lags behind,Deputy Captain Zhang Song glanced at Feng Xichuan, who was lying on the table next to him.,Helplessly signal to the referee’s bench,Called a game timeout……
“President!Are you ok?”Zhang Song asked with concern。
Feng Xichuan has no time to answer,Just shook his hand to Zhang Song,No problem。
“Does it really matter??President?amount……It’s my fault,The first game was too fast……”Anna Cao blamed herself。
“Can’t blame you!President’s game time is close30Minutes away,The old problem is committed again……”Shunzi said to Cao Anna。
Zhang Song glanced at the score on the screen“28:5”,I know if I can’t rely on Feng Xichuan to win the game when he is in good shape in the first two games,Then next game,Team Huacao will face immense difficulties,Their hope of winning is even slimmer……
“Hold on,If it doesn’t work, I will die,End early,So that Zhao Ping can replace the president in the next game……”Zhang Song glanced at Zhao Ping who was on standby on the bench,Suggested。
“Rest assured,I can hold it……As long as I haven’t fallen,You can’t give up the game for a moment!”Feng Xichuan got up and said to the other players。
“President!!!”Everyone cares about Tao。