Gu Anan looked at Su Shengming.,Pushed the door,Looking at Lin Zishi sitting on the ground and crying,She walked over,Looking at Lin Zikai,Ask a face:“Purple,Are you OK?”

Lin Zi and tears, looked at Gu Anan,Suddenly stopped crying,Swallow:“I am fine.,But it was played two feet.,I didn’t expect Lu Haozheng so despicted.,Under a weak woman。”
Lin Zihang’s mind recalls the charming face,The bottom is full of grievances,She just likes him too??
Gu Anan looked at her.,Full of attention is calculated:“Purple,You don’t know Lu Haoheng.,He is not known from a small life.,He always told me.,And his means,Really,If you want to get Lu Hao,I have another way to find a way,As long as Lan Xin is not,Lu Hao can be your。”
“any solution?”
Lin Ziwei looked at my heart and looked at me.,If she retreats,The grievances she received were heard.。
Gu Anan looked around,Say:“Purple,Now except us,No one knows that Lan Xin is Lu Hao Cheng’s unmarried wife,As long as Lu Haozheng announced that Blue Xin is her fiancee before,You can become his woman,All this is in our mastery.。”
now,She and Lu Haozheng are completely unsatisfactory.,She and Lu Haokai have reached a consensus,Waiting for the house,She can retreat.,But before this,Have a person disturbing the sight of Lu Haozheng,Let Lu Haozheng not care about the business,She and Lu Haokai can have organic。
Lin Zishi feels like this,She looked at Gu Ai’an,road:“Two days later,It’s a charity party.,The organizer of this charity party is the president of the Charity Federation of Jiang.,Lu Haoheng and Lan Xin will go.?”
Gu Ai’an, the first,Don’t remind her reminder,Lin Zihang has already thought of it.。
“Yes,By the time,Dinner,Is your chance,I will find a way to drag the Blue Xin.,Do you know how to do it??”
Gu An’an, laughing, watching her.。
Lin Zishi has a very good thing for all kinds of small conspiracy.,This time she can seduce Lu Haozheng.,So,It is also very beneficial to her and Lu Haokai.。
Gu An’an Road:“Purple,You first get together.,I will send you back first.。”
“it is good!”
Lin Zikang stood up,The calm legs are very harmful。
But this moment,It is the intimate move of Lu Haocheng in the mind.。
Men, Lu Hao Cheng,Very addictive,The more you treat her coldly.,The more you can inspire her heart’s conquest。
Lin Zikhang moved a few steps,Feel your own strength, you can walk。
Gu An’an,There are some fires to pour the oil.:“Purple,They are too too much.,All this is because Blue Xin,Or if it is because she,Lu Haocheng will not be like this to you.,You must not let go of her,You don’t know how much better than Blue Xin’s conditions.,Blue Xin with three children,What do you count?,What qualifications are her qualifications?。”
Gu An An Angeng Indire is filled with Lin Ziwei to hold uneven face.。
And Lin Zikang in anger and jealous pain,Didn’t hear the meaning of Gu An’an,With Gu Ai’an’s induction,She also raised all the faults in Blue Xin’s body.。
Lin Zikai feels the face of incomparable pain,Her Lin Zishi is from small to big,When did you have a bitter?。
Yao Yaojing has been waiting for the original place,Seeing Lin Zihang walking a little one,That is close to the pale face in Lin Zihang,“They do it for you?”
Yan Yaojing can’t think of the other party.。
Lin Zikai nodded。
Gu An’an Road:“teacher,Let’s go back first.?”
I am afraid to eat here.,No one can’t eat it.。
Yao Yao Jing Wei Wei,She is not intended to eat here.。