“hateful,Almost exposed just now。”

“Say so,It seems,I have to prepare early。”
Wang Youwei is thinking here secretly,He stopped the people around him,Arranged it quietly。
Done these,Wang Youwei’s face,With a hint of indescribable excitement。
Just wait until this plan is completed,Then then,What else,They can’t solve it?
So for this,In fact, it looks like Wang Youwei,Everything,Is completely expected。
And after watching for a while,Now,Wang Youwei feels very serious the more he looks。
“Other things,Don’t think about it for now,But then,We still have to arrange in advance。”
“I always feel,A little weird。”
When Wang Youwei is talking here,obviously,These people have actually discovered this。
So next,How to solve these problems。
at this point,It’s very important。
And seeing these,at this time,Wang Youwei brought these people together,Came directly to their base。