“kindness,well done,The sorrow is set to the emperor,Message for you,Go to the treatment。”The Queen’s voice is still,However, Zhang Zhao heard heard it.。

certainly,Zhang Zhao, I feel that I am more liked.,I can’t think of this bad thing.,I want to come to the people of Shenlong,After saving the fake pairs in the dungeon,After that, he histed the truth.,The result is hit by yourself and true thorns.!
Because the capture is really too late,Zhang Zhaozhong,So knowing this。
“Yes!”Zhang Zhao should follow,Take it to leave。
But when passing through the sedan chair in fire,Zhang Zhao suddenly thought——its not right!If it is two murdeers,Hold too much……How much heart is this,Actually, two people sit in a sedan,Let really sit behind?
If the Queen is called,Would not it be……
Zhang Zhaozhi suddenly came out of a layer of hard sweat,Torked to see the Queen’s sedan,Obviously,But always feel that people inside are watching themselves……
Chapter 1,28 Get together
Zhang Zhaoqi did not dare to get into the treatment,But to find the emperor.……
Although death is the murdere of Shenlong,But it is indeed my own duty.,Talent to the assassin in the palace!
Dead must be the murderer of Shenlong!
And the murderer also seals the Queen’s acupuncture,Zhang Zhaozhong is the first understanding,Cally, please……
After Kangxi,I am busy going to the Cixin Palace.,Ask for too,The Queen is indeed frightened,However, it is also as good as Zhang Zhaozhi.……
If this is not this accident,I have been harmful by the tragedy.。
Kangxi in front of the times,Will Zhang Zhaozhong dog blood head,However, http://www.yiweishenghuo.cn the final inde also promised too much.,Will not investigate his fault。
After Kangxi is moving,And the Queen also said a lot about him.,The elder is too embarrassed,After that, Kangxi left。
However, Kangxi naturally doesn’t know,Just after he left,A man appeared in the Cixin Palace……
“congratulations,Your identity in the future,It is sitting.。”Chu Deirers smiles。
“Hey,Thank youn,The child is seriously,I still don’t have doubts about it.。”Mao Dongzhu。
Be right,The rest is Mao Dongzhu!
Before she was closed in the palace,Be a good,Putting the eunuch mixed into the palace to save——Before she pretended to be too late,Many people in the palace。
The two people want to hold too much to leave,Mao Dongzhu first forced Tai Chi and changed his clothes.,Then, the association controls the Queen in the sedan chair http://www.antimonopolylawyer.cn of the front.,Mao Dongzhu is posing behind!
This is also a good start.,Even the mask of Mao Dongzhu。
The same is also embarrassed——Although he is not the opponent of the Xinshu,But not so unreasonable,only……
When you hear noisy,He is only a man who is in the Qing court finds that it is too tied.,So I am too much,I want to threaten。
How can I not give him an opportunity at all?,Zheng Xinshu is full of trouble,Directly shocking the two in the sedan!
Mao Dongzhu also dedicated to the eye,Originally thought of death,Until Zhang Zhao is coming to her“Crime”。
This is reacted——I am too late.,What I am afraid??
“What can I do??Conclude……You are too late。”Chu Deirers also lamented。
His heaven and earth spirit is sensible,Just when Mao Dongzhu cope with Kangxi……Can not be said“Handle”!Seven points are true feelings!
She is arranged in the palace,To tell the truth, I really don’t have her feelings about Shunzhi.。
Otherwise, she is a fake too.,How could I kill Dong Gui??
This to her“Undercover”Task,Only harmful、No benefit,Dictionary is what she is really vinegar.。
I must know that Shunzhi is decisive.,I will kill her together.,Instead of hiding out to go out……
“En Gong saved me again,Dae Dade、Notice,I have obtained the red flag.,This is dedicated to Encheng。”
Mao Dongzhu is not split,This“Rescue”,Calculated on the head of Chu Dee。
Then I took a small bag from the arms.——Said to be“Scripture”,In fact, Mao Dongzhu has already known,This secret,nature
I want to be hidden in the palace.,Rescued Dungeon、When I hijacked too late,I have already taken it out.。
“kindness,Your daughter,Marry my grandchildren,Shenlong teaches the holy woman killed the stiffness、I have now attached me.,Calculate everyone is not outsiders,You are Welcome。”
Chu Deirers said,I’m not politely passed through the book.,And it has been perceived,There is something in the cover——Sure enough, this is still original!