Shaanxi Province will add more than 2 million urban employment

Original title: In our province, the province will have more than 2 million new urban employment (Reporter Yang Xiaomei) Recently, the Provincial Government Office issued "Shaanxi Provincial" 14th "Employment Promotion Plan" (hereinafter referred to as "planning"), clear all The main goals and key tasks of provincial employment work, guiding the province to promote employment work. "Planning" pointed out that during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, our province insisted that the steady employment was more prominent, and successfully completed the employment objectives.

The number of new employments in the province continued to rise, accumulated 10,000 people, exceeding the employment indicators proposed by the "13th Five-Year Plan", rural labor transfer employment held more than 6.2 million, and college graduates have maintained at 88 % Or more, unemployed personnel are more than 850,000, 340,000 employment difficult groups, and the requirements of employment in the province continue to expand. The industrial structure of employment, urban and rural structure, regional structure, continuous optimization, the proportion of three industrial employment people is 38:16:46, and the urban employment rate increases from% to 63%. The urban employment growth rate in Northern Shaanxi in Southern Shaanxi continued to increase, and the gap between regional employment opportunities was gradually narrowed. The province’s entrepreneurship has been promoted, and 4 national double-created demonstration bases, 100 provincial-level entrepreneurial incubation demonstration bases, 518 municipal, county (district) two-level entrepreneurial incubation base and 10,000 people driving employment in hatching entities Entrepreneurship Loan Online Service Platform Supported 10,000 people, driving thousands of people.

Our province has coordinates 1 city level, 7 county-level public training bases, and the employment capacity is significantly enhanced, and the training is 10,000, and "Baoji Mechanic" "Ziyang Wheet" and other national well-known special labor export brands.

The province’s human resource service agency reached 2038, and 506 million employment services were provided annually. The province’s talented structure is comprehensive and improved, and the new professional and technical talents, 2.25 million skill laborers, higher education hair enrollment rates reached more than 60%, the main labor age population has reached 22% of higher education, each 10,000 The R & D personnel in the labor force reached 69 people / year. At the same time, in-depth implementation of the "six projects" in our province, helping the rural construction, the poverty labor, the workmanship is from 10,000 people, and the total public welfare post is set up. Free training of rural poor people.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the province will pass seven key tasks to promote high quality development in the province’s employment.

It is expected that the "14th Five-Year Plan" has been added more than 2 million, and the unemployment rate of urban surveys is controlled within%. The employment of key groups is stable. The gap between urban and rural, regional employment has gradually narrowed, and the labor market supply and demand basic balance; employment The structure is continuously optimized, the employment pattern is more reasonable, the three industrial employment structures are adjusted to 30:18:52, the total professional and technical personnel and the total number of high-skilled talents reached 2.35 million respectively, and the people of the province’s labor age population The year of education reached the year, and the new labor force was 55% higher than higher education.

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