Beijing University E-Commerce Research Center released the influence of the "E-Commerce Law" influence report and the top ten e-commerce cases

People’s Network Beijing, September 3, recently, "The E-Commerce Law" issued by the Beijing University Electronic Commission Research Center "Will be held in Beijing. At the meeting, the Beijing University Electronic Commerce Law Research Center issued the "three anniversary of the issuance of e-commerce law and the case of the top ten e-commerce cases". The top […]

Beijing high-level construction is a national-level green exchange-oriented worldwide

People’s Network Beijing December 6th (Li Bo) held on December 6th, the 24th Beijing-Hong Kong Fair, Beijing Hong Kong Financial Cooperation Forum, member of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Committee, deputy mayor, said, Beijing Zhenggao level construction The world-oriented national green exchange, actively undertake a national voluntary emission reduction and other carbon trading […]

Agricultural Development Hubei Branch Business Department has accelerated high quality development

The Sales Department of Hubei Branch of the Hubei Branch adheres to the study of the school history to study the education of the party history, with the fundamental of the understanding, with the focus of doing practical things, to open the New Bureau as the goal, constantly transforming the results of learning education into […]

100 days before smashed

What is "illegal fundraising"? According to the "Prevention and Disposal of illegal fund-raising regulations", illegal fundraising means that the non-specific object will be absorbed by non-specific objects without the implementation of national financial management regulations or violates national financial management regulations. the behavior of. What are the hazards of illegal fundraising? The illegal fundraising is […]

Central Red Army Lightity

De Memorial Hall van het Central Red Army, is momenteel de enige themapemonument, het National Second-Level Museum. Het gebied heeft een oppervlakte van 1100 vierkante meter, het gebouw is 2200 vierkante meter, twee lagen tentoonstellingszaal en vijf delen. Mao Zedong, Zhu de leidde het rode leger naar het Sanxi West West, vestigde het centrale Sovjet-gebied […]

2021 (20e) China Internet Conference geopend in Beijing

  De conferentieplaats komt van de overheidsinstanties, de vertegenwoordigers van de internetindustrie en de vertegenwoordigers van het nieuws media hebben deelgenomen aan de openingsceremonie. De leiders en gasten wisselen idee?n uit, verbeteren de consensus, analyseren de ontwikkeling van de internetindustrie, rechter nieuwe en nieuwe puls van de markt, en bevorderen gezamenlijk de ontwikkeling van de internetontwikkeling […]

2021 "National Safety Drug Month" Guilin Promotion Campaign Launched

The event site. The Market Supervision Administration of Guilin City is provided by the Guilin City Market Supervision Administration, the Guilin City Pharmaceutical Administration, Guilin Inspection Branch, Guilin City Pharmaceutical Society, in 2021 The launching ceremony of the Guilin Promotional Campaign in Guilin City Center in Guilin City Center Square. It is designed to enhance […]

Chengdu Yimin Group in-depth promotes "I do practical things for the masses" practice activities

  The party committee of Chengdu Yimin Group in-depth implementation of the party history learning education to carry out the arrangement of "I do practical things for the masses", fully use the party membership service team, promote the "high-quality community service to create" four research, strengthen Five services such as high quality vegetable baskets, effectively combined […]