The legal future is watching growth! Liping County has launched the "Minor Protection Law" into the campus theme propaganda

In order to enhance the concept of the rule of law of young students, guide them to establish the correct outlook on life and values. Recently, the Liping County Civil Affairs Bureau joined in the Yiping County Charity Federation, Long-shaped Street and Zhongxin Social Work Center into Li Ping, and launched a campus publicity campaign […]

The Ministry of Public Advanced Party is a "beautiful pig cow" in the people’s health and well-being.

  On August 28th, the DPP has suddenly announced that Taiwan expands the opening of Lakeddotamine (lean meat) US pork and above the American beef import.According to the plan, the policy will be officially launched in January 2021. The news came out, and the island was boiled and boiled. In the past few days, Taiwan’s people […]

Pepper pepper "species" large industry Sichuan Liangshan Saltyuan County 800,000 acrian pepper won the harvest

Salt pepper. Liangshan State Committee Propaganda Department is a map of the People’s Network, July 19, July 18-19, Sichuan Yanyuan County held 2021 Sichuan Flower (fruit) Ecotourism Festival Savings and Yanyuan County First Pepper Festival. The pepper festival is selected as "pepper pick-up" "pepper planting is rich", hosted a "flower pepper" theme photo, art, calligraphy […]

Open the door red Hefei: layout "future car" leads "the future of the car"

In Anhui Domain Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., technicians show the domain controllers just produced. People’s Daily Kun photographer picking up a well-processed domain controller, although there is only one palm size, but it is responsible for fusion, identify and classify the environmental information perceived by the smart vehicle sensor, and is moving on the vehicle. […]

Renneucasian Lane, Ningxia: Relying on "Cloud" commanding the descending beach with sunshine driving development

Huawei smart photovoltaic technical expert Yan Jianfeng is introducing inverter. People’s Network Gaojia Weili "traditional inverter can only do power conversion, we pass digital, information technology, turn the inverter from the dumb equipment into the brain of the power station. "Huawei intelligent photovoltaic technical expert Yan Jianfeng further explained that it can pass through the […]

The Hubei Institute of Arts and Sciences, the Hubei Institute of Arts and Sciences, was officially put into operation.

Teaching data big screen (1) Realizing the real simulation of the full process of the media news production through the implementation of the media news production process virtual project, students can simulate the selection, planning, editing, production, review, and release of news products in real circumstances. , Monitoring, analysis of the complete process, experience the […]

Stockholm City Center Press received a bomb intimidation

People’s Network St. Ollo August 5th According to Sweden "Today News" News: Local time, a Publisher of Stockholm City Center received a bomb intimidation.The police declare after searching, this intimidation is evangent.The local time is about 9:30 in the morning, located in the center of Stockholm City, Norstedts received a bomb, and the publisher immediately […]

Taizhou Jiangyan: Agriculture "Black Technology" helps autumn harvest autumn, so that farmers’ "Golden Bare" is, the better

"What are you doing?" "Dry rice Valley!" … this morning, the reporter saw a busy scene in Jigang Village, Sanshui Street, Taizhou City, and the employees are grabbing the weather and drying rice. . On November 7, the cold wave came, and the country entered the "fast freezing mode". The temperature in Jiangyan District, Taizhou […]

Shanghai Zhangjiang Biomedical "National Floor" Science Sample

"China Economic Week" reporter Song Jie | Shanghai report editor: Yao Dongqin Shanghai Zhangjiang is a hot earth in China’s biopharmaceutical innovation. At present, the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the world have established R & D centers in Zhangjiang, and many large multinational companies have increased the layout in Zhangjiang. According to data shows […]