Representative members return posts 丨 Liu Lisha: Use heart -to -heart to arrange a good show to add taste to the people’s lives

   To adhere to the cultural benefits the people, to put it bluntly, it is to implement the cultivation and practice of the core values of socialism proposed in the government work report, and deepen the creation of the spiritual spiritual civilization.Liu Lisha continued to point out.   Liu Lisha bluntly stated that in the process of […]

Xia Jian did not expect,Lin Ling’s figure turned out to be very predictable,It’s just that she is hiding very deep,It seems that today is the true face of Lushan。Of course Xia Jian didn’t dare to watch more,It’s enough for him to sneak a glance。

A middle-aged couple who looks over 50 years old is already seated at the dining table in the living room,I can’t describe someone with a good temperament。The middle-aged man smiled and said:“My name is Lin Xu,It’s Lin Ling’s father,Are you Xia Jian!” Xia Jian never thought,The old board of Chenguang Animal Husbandry stood up and […]

Adopt the invitation system to control the daily passenger flow of Shanghai Shopping Center and department stores to restore offline business one after another

  Shanghai’s shopping malls and department stores plan to fully restore offline business after June 1. At present, shopping centers and department stores such as Pioneu Lili, BFC Bund Financial Center, Lingang Baolong Plaza, Songjiang Wanda Plaza, etc. have resumed offline business.   On May 26, the Ocean Clear Dian · Tianan Qianshu and Shanghai Global Port […]

“After dug, put it together.,I will take it to the river.!Then you will pick a fruit.!I see this red fruit is familiar.,It should be eaten!”

“Boy to dig pit,I will wait for you to teach you how to dig!You can do it yourself later.,Leave three or four people。The rest of the people go to the firewood!” “Wheum,You will help me look at things.!” Obviously, today is not the first time to bring this group of people.,One of the south arrangements […]

Beijing regulates the "seven small venues" business prevention and control small -time hair shops shall establish a customer appointment system

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, April 24th. Recently, the Beijing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a new version of "New Coronatte Virus Pneumonia Popularity" During the "Seven Small Places" Business Prevention and Control Guidelines ". According to the guidelines, the "seven small venues" establish a basic information account; pay attention to lining up to […]

Summer laughing,“The boundaries of the boundaries swallowed the beast,And the Golden Beast Calib is refined by me.,Beast core construction,All simulated in the array。”

“I see。” Gobian reveals,I have a moment of moment.,Take the color,“Then let’s start.。” “good!” Now,Two people sitting on the ground,Summer sacrifice time。 Goblin began to explain the experience and experience of the transfer of Universiaces for the summer.。 Summer look,Extremely listening。 At the same time, I feel that I have the space law in my […]

Customs strengthening port hygiene quarantine strictly prevent monkey acne epidemic input

  Guangming Daily, Beijing, May 30th (Reporter Zhang Yi) Recently, many countries around the world have reportedly reported monkey acne cases. Essence The General Administration of Customs has deployed the relevant work of the national customs port health quarantine, and continues to do a good job of "multi -illness and prevention."   According to the World Health […]

“reallyleaderYour guess is right.。”Yunchukawa Jiasi laughs,“According to the investigation of the letter,She‘Recycle’Monitor representative,No wonder the urban city will be unfavorable to her.。”

“what is‘Recycle’?”Some of the Qing Dynasty asked,“what is that?” “Activities recently in the parents of urban students in the school。”Yunchukui is clearly clear,“Because the urban city may become battlefield,So the guardian will send the child to a safe place,This is called‘Recycle’。” “This way.”Qingguang,“What kind of person you said before you said?” “Some unforgettable people。”Yunchuki is […]

Hua Kai Yingjun Come -Wuhan enters the romantic cherry blossom season

  spring is coming.As the temperature rose rapidly, Wuhan cherry blossoms began to bloom.On March 9th, Wuhan East Lake Cherry blossom garden was open to the outside world, attracting tourists to visit the garden.It is reported that in the next month, in Wuhan, Wuhan University, Huabao, Hankou River Beach, Embrier Park, Wangjiadun Park, Qingliangzhai, Northwest Lake […]

Tian Di is like a mana of the whole world,Teacher people have no resistance。

Strong to make the demon are extremely desperate。 The bloody cloak behind the stone monkey,But I can’t extinguish the Tianmine fire.。 It sounds,Blood color cloak constantly expansion,At the same time, the whole monkeys is too ancient magic,French world。 Taikoo magic,Run through the world。 In the magic roar,Shen fire is affected,Some powerful demon students have […]