“It’s just that two.!”

“Hahaha,you misunderstood,Lady, Xiaoqian is not my lady,She lives in the mountains,Is a family of people,It doesn’t matter。” Liao Jie smiled and explained:“Although she often doesn’t sleep in the evening, I will find me.,But all the poems,Embassy,Everyone ordinary friends,Really is nothing。” Ning Caichen does not speak,Read more,Liao Jie can’t lie to him。 “Ning old brother,You don’t […]

Xia Jian turned off the computer,Walk to the coffee table,Sat down next to Ouyang Hong。Ouyang Hong glanced at He Jing and said:“Hearing from Chief Li,Your speed in Donglin Township is very fast,200 mu has been planted?”

“Ok!Correct,The 100,000 saplings behind are coming soon,As soon as these saplings arrive,Donglin Township is basically in our hands,It’s a confession to my mind”Xia Jian said,Take a sip of tea with a teacup。 Ouyang Hong took a breath and said:“Hu Huiru so far,I still have illusions about Donglin Township,She has called Mr. Li these days。Basically the […]


bass。 Yunyang last,Brush,Like the immortal,Long sword straight to summer。 “die!” Sword light seems to be the only world.。 Yunyang shot in the moment,There is a dark cloud http://www.jinshahaianxian.cn climate in the sky.,Thunder,It seems that God will punishment。 Xuan Olympics,Heavenly color。 “Hoot。” Sword is broken, like a ghost,There is also endless lightning light from the clouds.。 […]

Dry cloud is first。

Tight laughed。 “Haha……” He likes the best laugh in this life.,How far is it in the night?。 The word is like a gold crack stone,Life like a beads。 He can’t even laugh,Laughing,Laughing straight tears,“Hahahaha……” This is in this feast.,Let him brow more。 The heart is also amazing。 He just now,It seems to be a joke。 […]

“Brainwashed people are terrible,You are not afraid that Li Fengzhu will sell us both?“Zhao Chunling asked with a slightly flustered face。

Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“This window paper will be pierced sooner or later,It’s better to say late than early。I think about it too,The big deal is a fierce battle,Let’s break out of their encirclement“ “cut!The tone is not small,They have a lot of people,Just rely on you to put down a few?“Zhao […]

But still a little bit of closer to the summer distance。

finally,He also surpassed。 http://www.jsdongshang.cn Summer falling back21name。 The eyes of the thousand feathers,Faciality,As if it is discouraged, it is sitting on a chair.。 NS21Name and the first20The gap between the name is very large.,The former only adds five points to Qian Yu,The latter is twenty points。 Samui next to Samui also sit down,Whisper comfort,“Do not […]

“Is Miss Miss to eat??”actually,That is to know that they have to eat here.,They come here。

“Yes!Really!”Le Zhenxi laughs,Charming。 Le Yuxi is a charming face,Every one in one fell swoop,Absolutely the soul of the soul。 But this woman is beautiful.,But it is a beautiful person,Let people under the http://www.dgzbwl.cn night of night sky,I want to take risks。 Muzi smiled:“Miss Miss,Let together?Rare。”Finish,He blinked her eyes towards her.。 Le Zhenxi looked at his […]

NS693chapter One step to kill ten thousand miles without stay

Bamboo…… Happen。 Ten ancient martial arts in front,All rushing towards the summer。 Besides,There are still a few god experts,Rapidly detour to channel,Want to view the outside condition。 Summer laughing。 Wrist,Snake knife in the hand flossing in the palm,Mapping channel cold light。 The heart is in the heart,Release。 In fact,He is the same as the Thunder’s […]

Ramp,Wind blade,Feng Yuyu will hide Yunqin’s tight protective,With the remaining power, the two people have been opened.!

After five seconds,Lacquered ramp,Phoenix,Yunqin two people squeezed out the ramp。 “thump”A,The two did not prepare rolled over the ground。 It is a grassland.,The two did not be injured。 “who?!!” A big drink,Next second,The long knife holder is on the neck of two people.。Four five five-year-old black men,Will Yunqin two。 Men’s tiger back,Double-eyed,Looking at Kong Wu,At […]

“Three-pole magic wolf,Real triode magic。”

“Our store sells various secretaries,Also acquire any residual disabled。” “Stone carving,Really artistic stone carving,Take a look。” “……”The bustling and bustling giant city,Almost everyone is still,Selling and recycling various resources,Also related to the martial art。 Summer is really spent,Come to this world, but,But let him have a feeling like the world.。 “Wang Wei,What do you think?。” […]