“Machine can not be disclosed!”

Gao Biyi did not have its own plan。many things,I am not boring in advance.? “Listening to the Lord will find a family every night.,I saw a woman on the side to do things directly.。Today’s master is called us.,Is it taking us with a happy??” A team around Li Da,Take the head to low channel:“The Lord […]

These are all poised,Gob Jun has not said with the summer。

Now I heard that the summer is inheriting,Gob Sword can be described as a horrified,The heart is overwhelming。 Because。 In the pole,Yanchuan Daoguan is only missing countless years,Over time,Only there is a rumor that he has fallen。 And now,Summer gets its inheritance,Don’t you confirm those rumors?。 阎 川 道 主……Really fallen? That is the Lord […]

They are still working hard1+1equal2The stage,People have already jumped to study four-digit multiplication and division。

Catch up? How to chase this? My family’s artificial intelligence based on classic electronic computers is still complacent about normal conversations with people,People’s artificial intelligence can already ask philosophical questions。This http://www.mnbhw.cn is no longer a problem that quantitative change can solve,But a qualitative leap,Or the leap of wisdom。 The world’s first artificial intelligence-based quantum computer […]

This is a city!!

———— First152chapter Kill early As expected of the royal capital。 It’s a big power、A game between the big ruling class。 This Runyu City,I don’t know how many generations’ efforts,I don’t know how many battles I have experienced。 But in the end its ownership,It’s just a reward for the competition this time.。 “Someone took the brocade […]

“kindness,well done,The sorrow is set to the emperor,Message for you,Go to the treatment。”The Queen’s voice is still,However, Zhang Zhao heard heard it.。

certainly,Zhang Zhao, I feel that I am more liked.,I can’t think of this bad thing.,I want to come to the people of Shenlong,After saving the fake pairs in the dungeon,After that, he histed the truth.,The result is hit by yourself and true thorns.! Because the capture is really too late,Zhang Zhaozhong,So knowing this。 “Yes!”Zhang Zhao […]

Rao is a big magic,How can I think he has already seen it?“Ami Buddha”。Old boatman、Take the lead、Receive all the causing people in ancient Buddha and Ami Buddha——Middle-aged man,It is actually ginger tooth from the Buddha’s World Kunlun Mountain.。

http://www.sz-furniture.cn No wonder ginger is banned in Kunlun Mountain,That is definitely the Yuan Shi Tianzun。 He is not to seal ginger teeth,But to seal the Ami Buddha。 This is definitely part of the causality between Yuan Shi Zun and Ami Buddha.。 “Ami Buddha!” Middle-aged man is low,But he is low.,Hold the head to expose the […]

“Where is the place??”

“Frontier……This is very big。” “If close to the border,Want to defense?”Zhouzhi is a little concern。 “Not so far。”槐 顿 顿,“What kind of city you live in this time?,More people in the city,Lively……It is not easy to be embarrassed by evil demon.。” “understood。” “No matter the loss,I will be able to do it.,I will come back […]

“Big brother,Come,Old, let us with him a few cups,He didn’t drink。”Lin Yu laughs。

“I will go out to go to the spirit.。”Lindao Xuan smile,Directly euphemism。 “sweat,Big brother,Can you go today??”Lin Yu frowned:“And too far。” “Let him go.,Who is the spirit??”Lin Feng smiled and took the shoulder of Lin Daoxuan.:“Which is?” “father,I”Lin Dao Xuan Zhang Qiang wants to speak,Some of the look:“I said, don’t be angry.。” This book comes […]


Chapter Thirty Five God will inherit About half an hour later,The intelligent life is about to fall asleep under the pressure of will,A little funny,But my heart trembles。 “This is the pinnacle race–Human super genius?Really scary,The race that the master belonged to before this genius can’t even think about it,The cosmic level can reach the […]

The second http://www.cwj-dj.cn largest festival is a physical education class.。

It is also on the three or four classes.。 Collection on football field,There is a middle-aged teacher wearing sportswear.,Bring them to prepare for activities,Let boys and girls run three circles and two laps, respectively,Tired most people a half dead,Start making stretching。 Set down,Spent more than 20 minutes。 Sport teacher said:“Next free event,There are sports equipment […]