Zhang Siwei will also go to the library to study with him,Ask him if you don’t understand,Happy life,Adds a lot of color。

Every month,The income from the specialty store,Ye Boping would invite Zhang Siwei to eat out in a restaurant,Occasionally buy her some small gifts。 Two people spend more time together,Slowly become good friends,Spare time,Often play together,Slowly it became an appointment to watch a movie。 Two years passed quickly,Zhang Siwei is also going to graduate,“Ye Boping,Today our […]

Zhouzhi low,I am finally relaxed.。

Waiting for him to perceive the movement of Nange bed,Nan Ge has taken another hand from the quilt.,A white tender arms wearing short sleeves,Hand with smooth skin and soft meat with a comfortable temperature with a comfortable temperature,Sticked with his side face,Also pinching his face。 Chapter 596 Hammer “You blame……” “Have it?” “Have。” Nan Ge […]

“You have a kind!”

Xian Yu Tong,Magic http://www.yaliliangjing.cn day,The mysterious machine has a cold light to sweeping a look.,I immediately standing aside.。 “It’s amazing,The family is actually such something,Boy,Is our dragon??”Long Tianzun terrible eyes stare at Lin Feng,There is a feeling of doing everything.。 “Dragon Seniors,How do you want to know the grievances of Dragon and the people?”Lin Feng […]

“What’s the meal now,Have http://www.rmbtrip.cn not arrived yet。Let’s talk about things in your room first!As long as things are settled,I feel at ease after eating this meal”

Wang Youcai said,A little deliberately, I carefully looked at Cuiying from head to toe,His eyes are extremely dishonest。The veteran Huying basically understands what Wang Youcai means,But she still smiled and said:“Ok!Then let’s talk about things first” Huying Ying said and led the way,The two took the elevator upstairs together。Urge Ying to live602Deluxe room,The deluxe room […]

Drink till the end,Ma Xiaofeng has nothing to do,But Chen Feng can’t,He is a daring guy,When she borrowed Ma Xiaofeng to go downstairs,Pretend that one is not standing still,When Ma Xiaofeng reaches out to help him,He actually hugged Ma Xiaofeng,One hand unscrupulously grabbed a hand on Ma Xiaofeng’s tall stand。

This makes Ma Xiaofeng angry,Fortunately, there is no one on the stairs from the second floor to the first floor,Ma Xiaofeng raised his hand and slapped Chen Feng,This beat of Chen Feng was half drunk。 This thing just passed,But Chen Feng, with a thick face, saw Ma Xiaofeng and looked like a okay person,But http://www.jgyynk.cn […]

Li Jiacheng bowed to Lu Ming again and again。

Lu Ming led Li’s father and son through the front yard,Partial hall in the backyard,The two waited for a while,Li Haihu is here,Li Jiacheng knelt down and worshiped。 “Li Jiacheng, the twenty-seventh generation grandson of the Li family, pays respects to the ancestors!” Li Zexuan is always suspicious of Li Jiacheng’s statement,See also Li Haihu […]

This bad old man is very bad!

It’s his pleasure to play with http://www.hzxhr.cn himself! …… Shennongjia is located in the hinterland of Xiahua,There is a primitive forest of 3,200 square kilometers,Qianfeng is steep here,Wan He You Shen,Known as“Central China Roof” Shennongjia Yinxia ancestor“Emperor Yan”Shennong got its name from collecting medicine here,Qifeng is handsome here、Sea of clouds、The Spirit of Gathering Heaven and […]

“You guy,How can you become such a villain、nausea?”The big eyeballs flicked their arms loudly and shouted。

“Each other。You guys http://www.huximiao.cn have almost no weaknesses,Seems to have nothing to worry about,If you insist on picking the bones in the egg,You may be afraid of sky fire,I do not know why,But in the lava lake,I found that you are not completely disguised,So let Xiao Honglong try you。” Teenager laughs,The big eyeballs froze on […]