Believe it or not

Believe it or not There was a top-level acrobatic master, and once he participated in a challenging performance, the theme of the show was a wire on the cliff between the two mountains, and his performance was from the side of the wire. On the other side, the acrobatic master hangs over the wire on […]

Snacks supplement nutrition?

Snacks supplement nutrition? A study published in the May issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Society showed that snacks are quite beneficial for the elderly because it is an important source of daily supplements and nutrients for the elderly. Snacks can add more conversion and nutrition than older people who do not eat […]

Elderly self-massage fitness rickets

Elderly self-massage fitness rickets I am 74 years old, and I have been plagued by various diseases because I have not paid attention to health care in the past. In recent years, adherence to exercise and self-massage has greatly eased the condition. And the spirit is pleasant and the mood is comfortable.   My approach is […]

Pajamas also affect women’s sleep quality

Pajamas also affect women’s sleep quality Women’s high quality sleep helps skin beauty and is more conducive to women’s health. Pajamas can also affect the quality of sleep, so women should pay attention to the color and material of their pajamas when choosing pajamas.   The ideal pajamas are knitted pajamas because they are light, soft […]

What are the common manifestations of brain atrophy?

What are the common manifestations of brain atrophy? Brain atrophy refers to a type of neuropsychiatric disease that causes atrophy due to various types of internal lesions in the brain tissue. Even adults will suffer from brain atrophy, and children will also get sick. However, most patients with brain atrophy are adults, and men are […]