“I think so too,Which American friends did you invite,Reality,I feel like a professional investment company,Confused me a little bit“Gu Yue said,Sat opposite Xia Jian。

Xia Jian glanced at this beautiful boss,Asked softly:“You called me last night?” “I think you drank too much,I want to ask how you are?I didn’t expect you to sleep”Gu Yue said it was very natural,There is no doubt as to why Xia Jian did not answer the phone。 ———— First0604chapter court disaster Just when Xia […]

“Mr. He!Don’t pretend。Did you send someone on the side of the road in the middle of the night to force me into the car??and also,It’s almost twelve o’clock at night,Are you invited to dinner??What kind of rice is this for?Ghost rice bar!”

Xia Jian is angry,He was a little angry and put the wine glass in his hand on the table。 The scene was suddenly silent,No one dares to speak。 He Wei has met the world without losing,People who have done big things。She immediately laughed and said:“President Xia turned out to be upset for this?This is me, […]

“Does the old man know,You jade pull finger is already out?”

The old man’s face flushed immediately,Then you must post everything、Angry,As if there is boundless hatred about to erupt at any time,But in the end this anger was like being poured with cold water,Went out instantly,The whole person’s aura is like a deflated ball.。 “Ashamed,All the fingers were stolen by the Zhang family,It also includes a […]

Now Xiao Ba is anxious,Instead, use this kind of tactics,Use your shortcomings against the enemy’s longs,He is going to lose!”

“defeat?” Uncle Qi looked at the stick like Mount Tai pressing against the shield held high by Chen Xiu,Thought to myself:“How could Uncle Ba lose?!” Li Ling’s trick“Mount Tarzan”A stick is no less than 30,000 catties,Although Chen Xiu is afraid,But he is inevitable,I had to hold up the shield against my scalp。 ———— 931 Good […]

“Hahaha……another。”Yu Lianzhou is also very refreshing。

Chu Deman:…… “Tai Chi Sword?” Yu Lianzhao laughs and not speak。 “Pure Yang Polancence?” Yu Lianzhou continues to laugh and not speak。 “That……Tiger claws?”Chu Dee people have lowered the standard very low。 Yu Lianzhou heard the sigh:“Say this effort,I am pondering myself.,Teach you also……But because this kung fu is too poisonous,Even when I taught other […]

When Xiao Xiao just started,A look of disapproval,slowly,She looked over,And listen very carefully。Xia Jian not only talked about his own ideas,And also made a preliminary budget。

Old Xiao nodded repeatedly,He said with a smile:“It seems that your trip to the south is quite rewarding。We are slow here,Good things should be learned from others。So I advocate sending more people to investigate,Learn more advanced things and come back,Our group can continue to develop。 These words of Lao Xiao seem to be for Xia […]

He stepped into the gate of the courtyard,I heard Song Fang screaming in the house。It seems that Chen Erniu didn’t lie to him。The original snow in the yard was intact,Just the doorway in the middle,There are a few broken tea cups。It looks like he fell on purpose。

Wang Youcai stepped on the snow,Then one step up,He stomped his feet quickly,Shake all the snow on your feet。Maybe Song Fang heard the voice outside,Her screaming stopped abruptly。 Wang Youcai lifted the thick cotton curtain and walked in。Fireside of the main house,Wang Youfa lowered his head,I stretched out my hands。On the side of the table,Song […]

This smiling face is naturally Li Tianchou’s,But the owner of the head was taken aback,Because it was too sudden,And it’s too familiar,I just met a while ago,The owner of the head didn’t control the horror in his heart,Whispered,Turn around and run。

What are you running??,Li Tianchou said nothing,Rush into the fire escape,Dim light,Two embarrassed figures ran quickly downstairs one after the other。 What is the origin of these two sneaky?So guilty,How can Li Tianchou let it go?He did not hesitate to catch up。But what he didn’t expect was,Two people are not brave,But running fast,Just a few […]

Neon,There are very few people who know his number.,Fusheng father、Conan gang、Tear,The phone of the first two can’t pick up,Finally, it is deliberate。

Time came to 5 pm,Liao Wenjie stopped cultivation,The hungry is hungry in the abdomen.,Then enter the bathroom。 There is no black,It is not a boade.。 Shower,Doorbell ringing,Hotel waiter pushes dining car into the house,In his dining,The whole process is standing on a servant。 “sorry to bother you。” Liao Wenjie put down the napkin,Pick up empty […]