At this time, Qin Feng fell into deep thought,“I have seen it in those books of Pharmacy before,It says,In that era, there were actually some medicinal materials that could help people break through。”

“What you said is getting more and more mysterious。What materials do you need??Is there anymore now?” “This one,Should be gone,After all, those were ancient things thousands of years ago!”Qin Feng is a little embarrassed。But he still thinks,Those medicinal materials should have existed。After all, even Kunlun daggers,I also broke through in the process of pulling out […]

Seeing Li Chengen’s cautious look,Xiang Chen couldn’t help but feel a little funny。

“Are you stupid not living in the hospital??” Looking at Xiang Chen with disgust,Maybe I was afraid of what Xiang Chen would do to me before,But now,Li Chengen properly is afraid that Xiang Chen will infect himself with something unclean。 “Do not make jokes!Your family gives me money one after another,How could i be stupid!” […]

Qiao Tianyu had promised Fuld before,Take this opportunity,Help Fuld recover the 700 million loss in the Jonathan Copper stock defense war。

This time,Of course, Qiao Tianyu came to fulfill his promise。 After a brief greeting,The two went straight to the subject。 “M .Joe,Stop talking nonsense,You order,Lehman fully cooperates with your actions!” Fuld gave Qiao Tianyu a reassurance。 “Mr. Fuld,Thank you!” Qiao Tianyu bowed deeply to Fuld gratefully,Then he took out a pile of equity information from […]

“Don’t you mean Cantonese eat everything??”

“Nima!We Cantonese have not yet reached the point where we are hungry。” “I am a northerner,But in Yangcheng for more than ten years。To be fair,Cantonese are quite picky in eating,Everything is fresh。” “There will always be some regional black,Don’t care。Every place has customs in every place,Why go black?” “got used to,I danan.Jing is often hacked。” […]

Geordaye just saved one person just now,But I didn’t expect to be so troublesome,But the man knelt in front of him in front of the full cabin and refused to get up,Georda couldn’t hold him,Had to say my own“Bottom line”。

“I’m Qiaodaye from Qiaojiapu, Qi County, Shanxi!Is this the head office??”Geordaye frowned,Said impatiently。 “I really don’t need you to repay,I just can’t get used to others bullying Huaxia,If you change to another Chinese, get beaten,I can’t help it!” “what?you.You are from Qiaojiapu, Qi County, Shanxi?Your last name is Joe?”After hearing about GEODIS“Self introduction”after that,Unexpectedly, the […]

“Ok。”The girl repressed the joy of victory,Flip the two cards together,then,She froze……

That girl is the biggest card,Chen Wenjin’s card is the smallest card,This smallest card,The only one who can win according to the rules——Is the biggest card。 This result,That girl can’t help her face…… The excitement of getting rich last moment,At this moment there is nothing but joy、Finally lost his body…… “Oh oh——This also works?I really […]

“In that case,Monkey King group members,This is your obsession,Don’t blame me for starting the live broadcast,To make you embarrassed to other worlds。”

Nezha is still obsessed with the Monkey King group members,Said in a leisurely tone,The voice falls,Nezha call up the chat group panel,Live streaming is enabled,This is not to blame him,Sun Wukong himself didn’t want to believe,Don’t want to wake up,He can’t help it。 At most, next time he sees Monkey King go straight away,Nezha doesn’t […]

No one knows what happened at the end of the iron mining area,So that these big brothers who were hostile to Bencheng made such a choice。

Only a few patrons understand why this is? Thinking of the relationship between that mysterious old man and Xia Chenglong,Lose a little bit of property and compare with Xia Chenglong’s good relationship,Obviously nothing。 “Everybody,I advise you,People who meet Bincheng in the future are still polite,Otherwise something went wrong,Don’t come to me。” “Damn,We naturally have to […]

Lan Youmeng looked at Xiang Chen with an expression,Turning and leaving for the latter,To fall into Lan Youmeng’s eyes is to run away。

Sighed heavily,provokeiemgr.His own is this guy,It’s me who can’t bear it;It’s this guy who moved me,I can’t let go;I took care of all the fantasy by myself,This guy doesn’t even bother to make a cameo!It’s me who refuses to let go,Just because I really want to be with this guy! Cursed silentlyfInternational terms at the […]

Lu Menglin landed on both feet,This feeling of being on the ground,It’s completely different from driving the sky in mid-air just now,It can be said that it is different。

in fact,When he took that first step,Is the most risky moment,Because to offset the gravitational acceleration of falling from high altitude,It is equivalent to saying that it is based on its own strength,Had a confrontation with the laws of nature。 Although it’s not a change in the laws of nature,But it can be regarded as […]