“amount……Ha ha……”Alex·Goodrich’s expression is getting more embarrassed。

“Tell mr john,Just say I have time tomorrow night,Can have dinner with him。” I didn’t expect that after realizing what I did,Mr. Fernandez is still willing to see John·Mr Tostedt,Alex·Goodrich has some surprises,Nodded busy:“Ok ok……Mr,I must pass your words to Mr. Tostedt……I will be ready……” “Alex?”Chen Geng suddenly interrupted Alex·Goodrich’s words。 “what?” “You are a […]

Populus is not wordy,Set up a lottery immediately。

a while,The audience in the live room found,A lucky draw box appeared in the live broadcast room,Click in,Is a condition of concern,agree,And then joined the lottery。 Pray one by one,I can draw,Although the anchor also said,The texture of jade is not very good,But that is also a real jade worth thousands of dollars! Money-free stuff,Not […]

Xiao Fan said,I got up and put on my nightgown,Went to the reception room and called for room service。

When Xiao Fan comes back after calling for room service,Xiao Fan saw that Lin Yuner had already packed herself,Got up from bed。 “Yoona,Why don’t you lie down for a while??Room service has not come yet?”Xiao Fan asked。 Lin Yoona smiled sweetly,Said:“Don’t lie down,I think I will become a pig again!and,From yesterday to now,I have slept […]

Speaking of here,Seeing the smile on Chen Geng’s face、It seems that I have seen through it a long time ago. This is the smile of myself waiting for the arrangement of the military industry giants,Little MacDonald can only surrender,Acknowledged his role in it:“OK,OK,OK,Fernandez,Don’t look at me like that,I admit that I made this suggestion,But please rest assured,The big guy won’t let you give in vain,The information you provided about China,We will all pay the corresponding price……”

Chen Geng did not answer,But turned to look at the chief:“Mr President,Is this also what the American government meant??or,What exactly does America want from China?” The commander didn’t say anything about Yunshan Mist Cover、Unpredictable words,Facing Chen Geng’s problem,His outspoken way:“We believe that,It is in the global interests of the United States to ease and even […]

What is an iconic feature of Lamborghini?Just can’t be beatenV12engine,The early Lamborghini carried a Bessarini designed3.5RiseV12engine,74Put into production、For Lamborghini to win a world-class reputationCountachSupercar,Carrying one4.0DisplacementV12engine,You can look at this one modified from a motorcycle engineV12engine,Lamborghini’s engineers are still surprised:Such a sophisticated engine,Really something Americans can do?Americans can play such a sophisticated thing?

———————————— PS:Bros,Second more。 ———— First95chapter The giants are happy to see its success(Third more) before this,Anderson deliberately put the people from Honda Motor Co., Ltd. and the HondaCBX1000Invited out,So right now,Italians don’t know about this Fernandez companyV12The relationship between the engine and Honda Motor Co., Ltd.,Looking at this engine,Just look silly。 Although they wondered how […]

But I came to Honghai by myself,I started to be afraid of wolves and tigers,Always worried that people around me would be hurt。

Sometimes Qin Feng still misses himself at that time,Why do people call him a lunatic over there,Because many times,Qin Feng is really crazy,Make those earth-shattering weeping ghosts,Crazy move。 most of the time,Not to mention that the enemy is a comrade-in-arms fighting side by side,Feel terrible,It even made the enemy frightened。 But now Qin Feng,Seldom let […]

“Miss Lin,There is one sentence I want to say too,You have affected the economy of our town,do you understand me?”

Yunfeng also said suddenly,No matter what he is,He can’t avoid this level。 After all, this is already related to his performance。 Just like Gao Hao,Gao Hao hates Qin Feng,But it does not prevent him from enjoying the development dividend brought by Qinfeng Company。 Although Gao Hao can’t understand,Why was the situation in Qingshui Village like […]

The great elder also talked for a while,Then insert incense,Then the people who had been on the side began to dance。

Xia Chenglong is not interested in what he sings,What he is interested in is the clearing itself,I am afraid that even many butchers have not found this,It turns out that there is a hole in the open space! He already felt it when he first came,The green aura under your feet is brought into the […]

“I can help you,tell me,Who is he?where is he?I will solve him!”Murder in Lu Menglin’s eyes,Lightly。

The king continued to shake his head,It seems to be tens of years old,No longer the power of the Vietnamese gang leader,And more like a lonely middle-aged and elderly person。 “I do not know who he is!He suddenly appeared in the boxing gym last time,Killed TonyFront,Kidnapped my wife and children,He uses his cell phone to […]

Lu Menglin pours another glass of wine,Raise wine glass,Smiled:“Lao Chen,I wish you back to Tieqin,Smooth sailing since then,Guanyun Hengtong!”

Listen to Mr. Wu Hao,Hu Lin looked very ugly on the side,Station is not,Not sitting。 She felt for the first time,This man in front of me,It is possible to be instigated by the people of Tie Qin country at any time,But I can only watch,Powerless,So incompetent。 Isn’t it just drinking??I drink too! Hu Lin confessed,Also […]