“What else do you have to say?”Jiang Yan was afraid of her tears,So I don’t even look at Qin Feng,Turned his head and asked。

“As the saying goes,Understand,You want a divorce,But can i know why?”Qin Feng realized that he might not be doing well,That made Jiang Yan so disappointed,So I’m not smiling at hippie。 “it is good,Since you want to die, understand,Then let’s talk。”Jiang Yan didn’t know why she was so angry and didn’t want to hear what he […]

Here is the center,Then you can see the ground as a square。

And now this square is being occupied by a spirit beast of level seven.。 Don’t look at the other person being motionless now,I’m afraid when other creatures come here,That’s different。 Hierarchical guys like them have a strong domain meaning,Don’t say it passed by then,I’m afraid it won’t be enough to stuff people’s teeth。 “What do […]

“Mr. Xia,What are you doing?”

“I will try!” Old City Lord frowned:“I’m afraid this won’t work,Your blood is too heavy,If you go, Xiaotianjian Guo will become more brutal。” What the Old City Lord said was not because of anything else,It simply destroys the Xiaotian Sword。 But what he didn’t know was that the murderous aura on his body had already […]

“Did not bring!I flew for more than ten hours just to bring you these?”

Huo Rongxuan was bored with fire,Go forward with the suitcase。After walking a few steps, Shen Han didn’t follow,Looking back, the kid was still standing there stupidly。 Huo Rongxuan called him,He just came over to hold his hand,Don’t forget to say:“If you didn’t bring it, you didn’t bring it,Be sure to remember next time,I have been […]

“amount……”The gorgeous face turned red:Where can I go to the history of the Hilton Hotel?。

Surprisingly gorgeous,Chen Geng didn’t even embarrass himself,Seeing that I did not answer,He didn’t care about himself,Just nodded:“Ok,Then the second question,Do you know who was the first general manager of Hilton Hotel and the founder of Hilton Hotel??” “……” The gorgeous blush is even worse:I still can’t answer the second question by myself。 Chen Geng continued […]

She never thought that Xia Chenglong’s strength would be so powerful,This invincible power felt after contact is shocking。

As her first encounter after escaping from Ben Thanh,Still appearing in an embarrassing manner。 Zong Xueqin was not convinced,Why,Was bullied when she was a young girl,Now she has the secret,Still be bullied。 A scarlet thin sword appeared in his hand,So that Zong Xueqin’s strength has improved a lot,At the same time gave her enough courage […]

Jet black long hair shawl,Eyebrows like willow leaves,Nose bridge,Those eyes are empty and dusty,As if there is frost arrogance deep inside。

The woman who shouts is tall,Wearing a dark green short cheongsam embroidered with daffodils,Sketch the contoured figure vividly。 no doubt,This is a stunner who can make most men squirt nosebleeds。 Looking at this beautiful woman,Lu Menglin couldn’t even call her name for a while。 “Don’t know me anymore?Sure enough, nobles have forgotten things!Lu Menglin,You don’t […]

Honestly,This is not smuggled and seized,But a businessman from a certain country in Africa,Want to get it back,But procedures and other issues,His goods have been seized。

This is nothing,Just add the procedures。 But no one expected,The African guy actually ran away。then,These things are left in customs,Can only be treated like garbage。 In fact,these years,African purchases in China are not large,Is also one of the reasons why the country attaches so much importance to Africa,The market is quite big。 Africa’s purchasing power […]

This teapot,Belong to that batch of woolen porcelain,Larger objects,So the price will be higher。On the auction market this year,A Mao porcelain teapot appeared,Transaction price of more than three million。”

Finished,Only old man Fei and the others were left in shock。 ———— Chapter One Hundred and Four Boss Jiang’s troubles Being said so,Don’t dare to make tea with it in the future? In fact,The old man is going to wait for Hu Yang and the others to leave,Hide the teapot。It is different from that official […]