“You two are very good……but,Our shop is small,You can only choose one of the best。”

Chen Xiu put the plum bottle that he just picked up and put it on the table as he said,“You two, just palm your eyes,Look at the authenticity of this bottle!” After Bai Yide and Hao Zhou both tested the plum bottle,,Hao Zhou pushed Bai Yide and said:“White brother,You come first。” Chen Xiu’s assessment was […]

“Qing Zhuo,on!”

Zhu Minglang just hide behind,Even when surrounded by a group of people,As a Dragon Shepherd,He can still peel the orange,Fight with these people。 Zuo Canglong,Right Shenglong,There is a sword spirit dragon in the middle! There are real gods,The sword spirit dragon takes a long shot,Make sure there are no enemies within ten meters of Zhu […]

“Alright!Your mother-in-law is not ordinary,I’m afraid she will retaliate against me,If not for rat poison in the meal,Wouldn’t I be your funeral”

Wang Youcai laughed loudly。 Chen Gui smiled a little embarrassedly and said:“Let’s go!No matter how bad she is,Not so bad。She said,I really trouble you this time,She has to cook a delicious meal by herself” Chen Yueqin saw that her son Wang Youcai was sitting still,She couldn’t help but said:“Go!Don’t look at the face of the […]

“Do not worry!I drink first……Think about the plan!After all, two patients,I have to think about who to save first!”

Fang Yu said calmly。 “Hey……Which?” While waiting for Hujoer,Phone rings。 On the phone,It’s a cold voice。 “Which?Your father’s life,Hold it in my hand now……No cure for me,Twelve hours later,Inevitable poisonous death!” “It’s you……You poisoned my father!” Huqiaoer did not expect,The other party actually called,Courageous。 “I dare to call you,Sure to make you obedient。Will listen to […]


The place where Huang Zhiming took Chen Xiu is the most prosperous area in Qingfeng Town at night——Fengyue Street, known as the Silver Land of Yingjin Cave。 Fengyue Street is so prosperous,Because here are the two largest Jiyuan in Jinling——“Tianxianglou”versus“Plum garden”These two Jiyuan attracted most of the rich, gentry and powerful in the town,Naturally attracts […]

Hundreds of good swords suddenly disappeared in the sword-making hall,Tianguan Zhu has always had doubts in his heart,How did Zhu Minglang take so many swords away,And what did you do?

Now he fully understands。 So Zhu Minglang still has such a dragon。 And the existence of this sword spirit dragon,Let Zhu Minglang’s once invincible sword repair not be completely abolished because of the practice of dragon shepherding.。 even,In the near future,Zhu Minglang may still rely on this situation,Beyond the realm that was difficult to touch […]

Xia Jian suddenly turned around,My days,I saw Wang Youcai looking at him with a smile,Behind him was a guy with a stronger body。

“You are a ghost!There is no movement at all?”Xia Jian said coldly。 Wang Youcai laughed and said:“How to speak,Am i not a big man?I see you looking around,So I touched it quietly,Of course you don’t know” “What are you doing??I heard you have cowhide now,He seems to be a boss!”Xia Jian has never had a […]

“Got it!”Everyone said in unison。

———— First2713chapter Fish came out of the water The van stopped early when it was still some way away from the shanty town。Xia Jian jumped out of the car first,Walk quickly towards the shanty town。 The people in the car get off one by one,As arranged,Everyone followed Xia Jian unhurriedly。From others’ perspective,These are a few […]

“Do not be impatient,Wait for the old man to catch his breath,Break through these two formations,You can concentrate on dealing with the eight-sided purple gold mace。”The devil speaks,Bian struggled to pull out the left shoulder buried deep in the ground,But his eyes are carefully observing the golden mace like a huge pillar,The golden mace that appears to be broken is actually connected by a formation,And the base of the body,The location connected to the temple above actually hides a sky-shaking rune,Can’t help but frown。

This sky shaking rune is extremely rare,But not from the gods,But from the Fire Cloud Palace in the fairy world,Also known as slashing rune,The soul who specializes in killing great gods,Extremely domineering,I don’t know where the goddess Luoying got her hands,Hidden in the root of the purple mace,Before the grip,It matches the pattern on the […]

Chen Xiu also knows how many mountain mosquitoes were killed。

“Be quiet,Don’t make such a big noise,We set ambush!”Zhu Huiwei complained。 “I’m weird,Why are these mosquitoes biting me?,Why don’t they bite you!” Zhu Huiwei proudly reveals two long fangs,Said:“I am the ancestor of blood sucking,Do they dare to bite me!” “……” Ok。 I’m kind of idiot to ask this question myself。 “correct,Is this trap you […]