“Speaking better than singing。”Liu Qiang finally picked up the tea cup in front of him,It seems that Li Tianchou’s explanation just now is still in the past。He took a big mouthful,Wiped his mouth and continued,“I won’t talk to you about it yet,If you still want to stay honestly in Fukuyama,Lao Tzu withdrew that shit exchange party the day after tomorrow,Otherwise you can’t eat and walk around。”

———— Chapter Three Hundred and Forty One Assign manpower My grass,Even know this?It really is Liu Qiang,Li Tianchou smiled and let go,“Made Brother Qiang laugh,Really shit。But it is also helpless,We are outsiders,Business just opened,Not easy to stand on。Take this opportunity to meet a few friends from the local business community,I’m so familiar。This will not affect […]

Zhang Teng took a long breath and said:“President Xia is really amazing,You are right,I do have a hard time now,Only you can save me,Otherwise, my Jupeng Villa will be closed”

“What the hell is so unclear?” Xia Jian’s face changed,Asked very seriously。Because Zhang Teng mentioned saving words,It seems that this is not a small matter。 Zhang Teng walked to the door,To a man standing outside the door:“Tell the front,No matter who is here today,I don’t see,Just say I went to the city” Zhang Teng arranged […]

Just ran into the door,I heard a bang bang bang next door,The sound pressure is very low、Also very dull,The bug knows the big thing is bad,Take out the pistol from under the pillow,Quickly stick to the wall and listen。

The next wall looks like a blunt object hitting the bed board,It seems to be turning over frequently,With heavy wheezing,Bed bugs say nothing,Rushed out to Peng Weihua’s door,The sound is clearer,He kicked the door open with one kick。 There are two black shadows rolling on the bed in the dark room,The bug turned on the […]

If Leo admits,He dared to sue,Said Leo despised the Celestial,In this way, even if you can’t kill Leo, you can make Leo pay the price.。

but,Leo just doesn’t admit it。 “You just despise me!” “I do not have,I despise the slave mount!” “I ride the slave!” “I didn’t despise you anyway!”Leo refused to admit it。 Charl Rose’s itchy teeth。 unfortunately,His power is limited,Can’t kill Leo,There are three lieutenant generals in his family,But after he knew that Leo was a strong […]

Look again, Zhu Minglang,There seems to be nothing extraordinary,Why Li Yunzi seems to have a special indulgence towards him。

Could it be true because of the love of the dewy mandarin ducks? “You guys continue to flirt,My lady is leaving。”Nan Lingsha got up,With a bit of resentment。 “Frost,Send rain……Give her an umbrella。”Li Yunzi looked outside the courtyard,It seems to see the clouds slowly covering the bright sky。 “No need to!”Nan Lingsha has no good […]

Just when Xia Jianzheng was at a loss,Suddenly the sirens sounded,A police car roared,Don’t let him say more,He has been put in a police car。Sitting in a police car,Xia Jian closed his eyes tightly,He is really unlucky on this trip。I almost moved my head on the train first,Can get off the train,Encountered this kind of unpreventable incident。

I don’t know if anyone is in danger,In case of reimbursement,Not only could he not finish his work on this trip,He has to go in。Thought of here,Xia Jian was still a little scared。 It seems that every local police station,The situation is basically the same,Xia Jian was taken in to take notes,And then locked up […]

Xia Jian returned to the house,I found out that Ouyang Hong’s bag was still on the chair。He thought,This woman ran halfway,Maybe the bag is gone,May come back to get。

In this case,And half a bottle of red wine,Why not finish it by yourself,It’s really a pity to lose it like this。Thought of here,Xia Jian drank it alone。 When the bottle of wine is finished,I did hear a text message from my phone,Open it,It’s from Ouyang Hong“I forgot to take it,You bring me tomorrow。Since drinking,Don’t […]

Bi Shujun is serious。

I look forward to it…… If it’s Fang Yu,Interventional surgery can be saved。 “He needs rest……Let’s talk about it in three days!I can intervene for you……It is your thing,Shouldn’t let me do it alone!” Fang Yu made sure。 Bi Shujun heard Fang Yu’s words,Seems to understand something。 “Thank you!” Bi Shujun now,Finally have the courage […]

“Donglin Township,In the whole city,Is the poorest township。More than 30,000 population,All live in the mountains。Is a major relief fund in the city every year。Secretary Wang just didn’t listen to some people,From Pingyang Town to Donglin Township。Now he is being investigated by the Commission for Discipline Inspection,The whole Donglin Township became a mess“Qin Xiaomin whispered to Xia Jian。

Xia Jianyi listen,Can’t help being surprised,He hurriedly asked:“What’s wrong with Secretary Wang??“ “He is the official Shuangtian of Donglin Township,Because I can’t adjust the manpower,So he is the secretary of the township。Someone reported him as being improper two days ago,Was caught by the police station,So he was temporarily suspended,Take it to the Commission for Discipline […]