But this problem is understood.,She still has a bigger problem, I don’t understand.。

Why is Wei Xiaoxuan to give Gao Bao back to such a letter! He held the jade that year,Save the precarious West Wei regime,Said that Yatai’s savior is not。Yu Yu is not thin,Trust。such a man,How can I rebellion?? He may not only be a secret information,Instead, I used a buried nail.!Directly opened the city gate […]

Why didn’t you write a word,You didn’t mention a word when the police came to handle the case,Why is the whole article wrong with me?

To a group of punks,You as a reporter,Dare not stand up and say a word,I stand up,You hide behind and take pictures,Do some lace news,Where is your conscience?Do you still look like a reporter from a major newspaper??”Xia Yueshu finished in one breath。 “you?”Reporter Liu obviously didn’t know that Xia Shuyue was still a great […]

“We are nothing,The chat is almost,You come in.,I will not say more about your matter.。”

“Leaf secretary,You can don’t misunderstand,What do we have anything?,I am totally a general friend relationship between me.,Today, I am talking about the little flop.。” After a short confusion,Zhao Xiaoli is also trying to calm down.,Cannot expose the horse foot。 Li Huihe heard Zhao Xiaoli called a leaf secretary。 It’s also a little doubtful look to […]

“If you think about it so carefully,Actually it’s totally impossible。”

Those around,With a trace of contempt on his face,Don’t forget to say to here。 After all, look now,Such a thing,In fact, in essence,It’s quite obvious。 But see here,at this time,Sun He doesn’t think there will be anything。 Looking at it all,Now,Sun He itself,Actually, I don’t think,What’s the problem with this look。 And seeing these,Now,Sun He […]

“Colonel Enns,Have you watched enough?Soon find someone to treat him?Wouldn’t you deliberately want to kill this head school officer who looks down on you?!”

Heard Leo’s words,The remaining two school officers immediately glared at Ens,Transfer all the previous resentment to Ens at once。 Ensi saw these two eyes, and it was not good.,Leo is putting him together,Transferred all the other’s anger。 This is understandable,Even being killed will not be too extreme。 But it’s unforgivable for not saving you。 “Hurry […]

Seren was silent again,After a while:“Can you not mention ancient characters??”

“You don’t know about immortality surgery!” Seren is completely silent,This time I have been silent for a long time without speaking。 Leo finally felt his ears feel more comfortable。 “Hey,I’m too hard,I don’t even know there is so much knowledge,What’s the point of being alive?” Leo is silent,It’s very good compared to just now,Seun won’t […]

Then quickly hurry forward to help the patient。

“Open an emergency headCT。”This Ziyu has no rounds of emergency,Li Qifeng has been very skilled to make the arms。 Really, the mother is pressing labor.! Patients who doubt brain hemorrhage were sent to the emergency rescue room。Li Qifeng is slightly treated,Seeing the patient’s vital signs is still stable,I will go first and immediately go first.CTGave […]


First331chapter Battle of Liekong “Boom!!!!!” The Tai Chi sword picture was directly broken,Zhu Minglang was taken aback,The Dragon Crossing the Tribulation is already in front of him,The fangs are clearly visible。 May Minglang sink down,The Dragon Crossing the Tribulation also bit in the direction where Zhu Minglang was avoiding.,This mouth becomes extremely huge in its […]

Tian Da Zhuang’s home is in the heart of street town,Three-layer small building,And still headroom,Then the post-hospital is very spacious,Tian Da Zhuang’s backyard is generally used to meet。

Every month will count the situation of the brothers around,Business situation。 Of course, Tian Dafu is very careful.,There is no thing that is absolutely black industry chain,But basically can touch it。 In the townKTV,Internet cafes on the town,And several happiness rooms in the town have shadows behind him.。 Today, Tian Dazhuang is preparing to let […]

“do not!Wait for the meal,I took He Shui into what he did in Hejiaping Village these years,Tell you all of one, five and ten,I want to watch him walk in”When Li Dongmei said this,,There was a trace of innocence on his face。Such a woman,Really scared。

Xia Jian did not move,Since he came to see He Shui,Then you have to make a ugly man。Otherwise, wouldn’t he just ran away this time?。Xia Jian is sitting in the west room of Li Dongmei’s house,Thinking about what Li Dongmei said to him just now。He really didn’t expect,The head of a village,Would have such power。 […]