Both gunships started to lift off at this time。

“I just got a bad news,Because the opposition’s offensive is too fierce,The army here will not form an effective assembly for a while。” “If we can’t come back smoothly in two days,Then they will abandon the port。” “So-called abandoned port,Is to destroy these implementations。” The words of Flying Wolf come out,Everyone’s complexion becomes ugly。 Three […]

“I said we are all this old,Just get married,But Wang Youcai said he hadn’t had enough,He will play for a few more years,So don’t agree to marry me,If he doesn’t marry me,What to do when this child is born?In case you don’t care about me,I can only go to the police“Ni Xiaoli said,Take a peek at Chen Yueqin。

Chen Yueqin,Busy talking:“You are just looking for us,What police are you looking for?his dad,Since she is pregnant with our grandson,I think let this bastard marry her,He should take care of it,People in their early thirties,Still want to play?When you get old and want to get married,Can it be born?“ “Let me think about it,You know […]

Every gunshot,It all seemed to ring the death knell in the evening,One of the team members will fall down upon hearing the sound……

“really!The Goddess of Victory will only favor the stronger teams!Less than the second game6minute,The kill score has come‘15:3’,It’s as if the strength of the two teams is very different!”Sakata-kun explained。 ———— Prelude-newborn Chapter 52 emergency The second game of e-sports between Jingnan Communication University and Jingnan University of Science and Technology,The random map is“Blue Wave […]

Xia Jian’s voice just fell,The cordless phone on the coffee table rang。He quickly picked it up。Just connected,Jin Yimei’s voice came from inside:“President Xia!Your ticket is booked,At three o’clock in the afternoon。and also,It’s twelve o’clock soon,How to arrange your lunch?”

“How about this!Just the four of us,Then fry some dishes,Pack in,We eat together。Heiwa and I are going to the airport after eating” Xia Jian hung up the phone。 Xi Zhen sees it,I got up quickly and walked downstairs。Xia Jian thought for a while,Ran back to Xiao Xiao’s bedroom,Packed some of my clothes into a small […]

“Samcheong,Tathagata,I often talk about Tao。”Master Hengmu is also smiling。

“Hengmu donor,If you like,Can enter my buddha,I wait to be in charge of Buddhism together!” “Haha,Sakyamuni, you thief monk,See that the gate is developed,You seem to be pulling people。”The strange bird in the monster’s power laughed。 “Southern Prince is willing to enter my Buddhism,Can also be a Buddha。” “Tathagata,If the Southern Prince enters Buddhism,I’m afraid […]

Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“You put your ID here,After that, I will arrange for someone to sign up for you a driving school,You’ll find me when you get the driver’s license”

Renan was overjoyed,He quickly took out his ID card from his pocket and gave it to Xia Jian with both hands。Xia Jian took a look and gave it to Dragon Ball。 “You can arrange this,The cost is deducted from my salary。Go to our manager Long if you have anything,Come see me after you get the […]

And Qing Yuanzi on the side also exhaled a cyan flame,Turn into two fire snakes to strangle the black figure!

Facing the strangulation of the cyan fire snake,The black figure sneered,Extend his right arm,Snapped。 A big hand covering the sky,Do not,It was a giant claw with thin wings that directly smashed the pair of Vulcans。 “Xiaoxiaohuixianxian,Dare to be presumptuous in front of me!”The black figure swells rapidly,It becomes a head full of height,A huge bat […]

Li Xuan walked to the altar,Checked the altar,Basically ruined,Looks like we have to report to the palace。

“You gather the remaining people below,Come with me” “Yes”Yuan Feng turned around to gather the rest,The remaining people die to death,Wounded wound,Blood and stumps everywhere,He Qi sad。 And the fuming who transformed below didn’t know。 ———— Chapter Six:Mystery plan,Wrath of the Holy Spirit Xiao Feiweng and Uncle Wang(Qi Wang)After a week, I finally came to […]

Wright and Cecilia went from the Sunset Mountains to the hot desert,From west to east,From the westernmost side of the hot desert,And the southernmost point of the Far East Prairie,Nature is on the east side of the hot desert。

Span most of the hot desert,Maybe even a ninth-level fighter can hardly move forward alone,But Wright and Cecilia flew easily and found the oasis back then。 “What a nice view!”Cecilia saw this oasis,I couldn’t help showing a little surprise on my face。 The two were just lurking on the periphery of this oasis,Wright didn’t even […]

Chen Xiu’s family is behind Dashan,Although not called primeval forest,But occasionally, wild boars rush down from the mountain to destroy the crops。

The next day, Chen Xiu and Hu Zi went up the mountain to play game for their mother’s birthday。 I saw Huzi was familiar with the road in the mountains,Chen Xiuda is strange。 “Tiger,How do you feel that you are more familiar than me who has lived here for more than 20 years?” “Didn’t I […]