Li Da is very rare to say a big truth。

“Is it because the Greater Governor is going to visit the Tiger??” Li Da is confused。 Walking first,I still don’t know this news.,Listen to Li Da,This suddenly realized。 “Oh no,Zhou Jun is going to run tonight。You and I,Attack Zhou Jialu,Try another。” “If it is a trap??” Li Da asked a quite a deep problem。 “Is […]

Gu Anan looked at Su Shengming.,Pushed the door,Looking at Lin Zishi sitting on the ground and crying,She walked over,Looking at Lin Zikai,Ask a face:“Purple,Are you OK?”

Lin Zi and tears, looked at Gu Anan,Suddenly stopped crying,Swallow:“I am fine.,But it was played two feet.,I didn’t expect Lu Haozheng so despicted.,Under a weak woman。” Lin Zihang’s mind recalls the charming face,The bottom is full of grievances,She just likes him too?? Gu Anan looked at her.,Full of attention is calculated:“Purple,You don’t know Lu Haoheng.,He […]

“Hey!Secretary Lin,You call the sales director Guan Gutingna,I want to talk to her“Xia Jian suddenly said to Lin Wei。Lin Wei frowned involuntarily,She hesitated。

Xia Jian looked at Lin Wei like this,I’m afraid she will regret it if she thinks too much。So he smiled and said:“Don’t be afraid,We don’t talk about official business,Director Guan, she understands this,I want to use this free time with,Talk to her about personal matters“ “You talk to her about personal matters?“Lin Wei was surprised。 […]

“Over!”Gu Changfeng, who witnessed this scene, felt a little in his heart,Li Tianchou caused him a big disaster,Killing in public in this extraordinary state,No matter what the reason, I can’t eat it,This is really wrong。

The instructor and others are also nervous,I thought that Li Tianchou was really different from before,So careless,And in full view,No one can save him,And develop like this in the afternoon,Will bring disaster。 Chaos at the scene,There are also two supernatural powers,I was shocked to see this,I never thought I hit the iron plate today,The other […]

Come and hit,Next second,Black shadow,Liao Jie in the chair suddenly violently,Confused eagle claws to buckle her gun。

Follow,A black tiger, you will go straight to the door.,Giant hit,Take her to five meters。 “what,What is this breast muscle?,Actually a woman!?” Liao Jie is awkward,Turned to the restless and love,Run your hand to shoot the long legs,It’s another black tiger to fly。 “A woman” Liao Jie looked at the pistol,Removing empty emlabits,Trigger the gun […]

“As for the location, I don’t tell you.,After all, you already have inheritance.,If I pass it to your master’s internal strength method,You have learned to return to Zongmen,That’s nothing to you。”

“The reason why you learn to learn,Mainly your potential is huge,I feel that it can carry forward,If one day we ginger, there is no protection of the martial art.,At least you should not meet,So this is my private heart.。” Jiang Taiyi, let Li Hui Feng are also surprised.。 Before ginger is told him, he told […]

Wang Youcai listened,Can’t help being surprised。He seemed to have heard his mother Chen Yueqin say before,Said his eldest brother wants to marry Song Fang,He thought it was a joke,I didn’t expect this to become true。

In terms of appearance,Song Fang is really worthy of his eldest brother,But this woman is not easy,She was divorced twice,And in the same village。What makes Wang Youcai upset is,This Song Fang is thinking about Xia Jian,But Luohua intentionally,Ruthless。He wants to fix Xia Jian,I didn’t expect Chen Erniu to pick up a bargain。 But this woman […]

“is her?Purple You True God?One of the two true god disciples under the command of Mo Shou Dao Zu。”Li Ming smiled slightly,Moshou Daozu herself is a female lunatic,Her disciples are also a group of female lunatics,Good at killing。

but,She is not particularly good at teaching disciples,Like the Sanqing of the Three Realms、Tathagata,Who is not a lot of Daozu disciples,But there are only two true god disciples under Moshou,And they are all relatively ordinary,Even one of them is only true god and not Taoist ancestor。 of course,This is also related to the fact that […]

“Good,I will go this.,Lee Boss,thank you,thank you,Then I will take them back.。”

Looking at Yang Li excited look,Li Hui is also smiling and walking forward.,Then I took out a thousand dollars to Yang Li Road.:“Yang Da Ge,You are holding this money,Drink together with them,Do we always help people help??” “Lee Boss,You are too hitting my face.,Just ask them to drink,You don’t have to save money.,Smile to you,Then […]