And Di Road is directly sent people to catch up.。

At the same time, let people excavate。 “Li brothers,You go to the iron,You can know who let them make things in my hotel.?” Zheng Tiancheng is exported,Let Li Hui’s hard laughs,Because he forgot this。 “Hey-hey,Brothers,This really forgot to ask,However, I think very fast Ding big brother can be tried.,But before this,I feel that we need […]

Just when Xia Jian was thinking about it,Gu Yue walked in,She glanced at Xia Jian,Asked softly:“What’s wrong with Tong Juan?Why keep running to you?”

“What else?Let me ask about the pre-sale time of the first phase!”Xia Jian said with a smile。 Gu Yue frowned and said:“Good to ask about this,What do you think?What did you say to her?” “There must be a problem,Just what kind of question,It’s hard to say for now,I’ll release the boat,Tell her yes6month18Pre-sale,The picture is […]

“Second brother!You are too conservative。Ersao is a courageous person,A person of judgment。You shouldn’t say that to her,Should let her go in”Wang Youcai said disapprovingly。

Wang Youdao and Wang Youcai are a little bit shy about him,Immediately changed his face and said:“it is good!I can’t control your business,But i remind you,You must not drag your second wife into the water” “What are you talking about?Why should I pull her into the water?Are you wrong, brother!I am running a private hospital […]


“Make sure there is money in the card?” “……” How can I be a good young man?,Still a college student,Why does this beautiful doctor have such a bad impression of herself?! “alright,Stay here。A nurse will come and take you to the ward,Don’t crack the wound,Secondary trauma to the wound is not just a day of […]

“hateful,Almost exposed just now。”

“Say so,It seems,I have to prepare early。” Wang Youwei is thinking here secretly,He stopped the people around him,Arranged it quietly。 Done these,Wang Youwei’s face,With a hint of indescribable excitement。 Just wait until this plan is completed,Then then,What else,They can’t solve it? So for this,In fact, it looks like Wang Youwei,Everything,Is completely expected。 And after watching […]

See Liao Jie not lying,I really sent my own love.,Bi tyrants immediately squatted,Cold murder in the eye。

“Jiuxong Dragon,Wind Tour” Heroes, the second half of the born,Be acknowledged:“The wind will have the dragon swim shoal,No wind,Dragon is always the dragon,Will always be in the sky。” Just when the majestic raise hand wants to slam Nie Feng Tianling,Can’t be aware of a line of sight.,Write a source of sources,I only see the big […]

And then Ouyangk seizes the opportunity,Take a look, you have to drive the dragon.,Although there is a young disciple,At this time, the sword will give the dragon god.,Want to fight for Master,But strength in front of the big snake,Ignore。

If you change,Ouyangk said that she is looking at the beautiful and beautiful,While staying、Tuning,Even the opportunity to take away,But now the extinction is behind,Ouyangk also can’t take care of these! Seeing that the dragon god bored her long sword.,Take it forward,When you can bite this Emei disciple…… Moon—— Just listen to a dramatic“Bird”Sound,But what is […]

“Reincarnation???”Zhu Minglang sounds silly。

What is reincarnation!! “There is still the possibility of further degradation。This ability is extremely special。Should be reincarnation,Soaring,Even if there is no Dragon Shepherd,It itself will continue to sting towards higher-level dragons over the long years.。”Mr. Koi said。 “Does Xiaobai really need no resources and training,Keep getting stronger,but,Will degenerate,This too……”Zhu Minglang said。 “Do you naively think,When […]

Anyone in the world,I hope others say he is good,So is Wang Youcai。When the villagers said how good Yao Chunni is,His heart is sweeter than honey。

Bumps in the car,Around noon,The car only entered a small village of five or six families。Although people can feel the atmosphere of the New Year,But the poverty here can be seen at a glance。 The house is almost entirely made of adobe,And there are not many new houses。What makes Wang Youcai strange is,They didn’t see […]