The Economic Daily Society held a study and implementation of General Secretary General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Important Speech Topics Report

Gao Xingguo, July 28th, the Economic Daily Society held the "July" Important Speech Special Propaganda Report of General Secretary Xi Jinping, invited the Central Party School (National Administrative College) Lu Pinghan, director of the Communist Party of China, is a special propaganda report. Comrade Zheng Qingdong, the editor of Chang and Total Editor, presided over […]

The results of the polling demand survey have a "land"

The results of polling demand survey have a "land of martial arts" Source: [] In order to strengthen government procurement demand management, the Ministry of Finance issued the "Administrative Measures for Government Procurement Demand" (Xinwen [2021] No. 22, hereinafter referred to as "Measures") . According to the author, since the issue of government procurement demand […]

Shanghai Zhangjiang Biomedical "National Floor" Science Sample

"China Economic Week" reporter Song Jie | Shanghai report editor: Yao Dongqin Shanghai Zhangjiang is a hot earth in China’s biopharmaceutical innovation. At present, the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the world have established R & D centers in Zhangjiang, and many large multinational companies have increased the layout in Zhangjiang. According to data shows […]

Short video and live broadcast make audiences to fully understand the Olympic athletes to let the Olympic spirit approach more people

The Tokyo Olympic Games came to an end, and the tenacious Chinese athletes interpret the Olympic spirit in the field and inspired hundreds of millions of people. The Tokyo Olympic Games, China sent a delegation of 777 people, the size of the overseas participation and the number of small items were high, and in the […]