Shandong Energy Supervision Office strengthens new energy power generation project license credit supervision

  According to the National Energy Administration’s annual special supervision work arrangement, Shandong Energy Supervision Office has completed the new energy power generation project license credit supervision, and a variety of regulatory methods are taken to urge new energy enterprises to implement a licensing system for discovery issues.   This supervision is guided by the problem-oriented, and […]

Shaanxi Province will add more than 2 million urban employment

Original title: In our province, the province will have more than 2 million new urban employment (Reporter Yang Xiaomei) Recently, the Provincial Government Office issued "Shaanxi Provincial" 14th "Employment Promotion Plan" (hereinafter referred to as "planning"), clear all The main goals and key tasks of provincial employment work, guiding the province to promote employment work. […]

Renneucasian Lane, Ningxia: Relying on "Cloud" commanding the descending beach with sunshine driving development

Huawei smart photovoltaic technical expert Yan Jianfeng is introducing inverter. People’s Network Gaojia Weili "traditional inverter can only do power conversion, we pass digital, information technology, turn the inverter from the dumb equipment into the brain of the power station. "Huawei intelligent photovoltaic technical expert Yan Jianfeng further explained that it can pass through the […]

Shanxi Science Day event opened at the Provincial Science and Technology Museum

  Original title: Our province’s Science Mode Activities opened in the provincial science and technology museum "sweeping QR code, the robot salesman can press my directive, from the shelf. Coca-Cola. "" The gourd itself is also a medicinal material, and the Chinese medicine cucuro moxibustion is in moxibustion. The medicinal value of the gourd will also […]

Struggling a hundred years road to set sailing journey · "July Medal" winner 丨 mark "Dynasty" Cui Daozhi: He uses the legend of "Fire"

  Xinhua News Agency, July 26, July: Trace "Dynasty" Cui Daozhi: He uses "Fire-eye Jin Yizhi" to write the legendary Xinhua News Agency Liang Shubin, which is a legend, repeatedly breaks the surprise case, and inspects 7,000 pieces of traces, no One mistake; he is a benchmark, the loyalty to the party, infiltrates to every case, […]

The Hubei Institute of Arts and Sciences, the Hubei Institute of Arts and Sciences, was officially put into operation.

Teaching data big screen (1) Realizing the real simulation of the full process of the media news production through the implementation of the media news production process virtual project, students can simulate the selection, planning, editing, production, review, and release of news products in real circumstances. , Monitoring, analysis of the complete process, experience the […]

Thailand Congress Dief Folk Various Draft

Original title: Thailand Congress veto folk version of the drafting draft Thai Congress 17th with 473 votes, 206 votes, 6 voting results, rejected the "Farm Constitutional Correction." The draft charter was proposed by the three civil society in Thailand to obtain more than 10,000 voters, and received support from the opposition Party "MoveForward. The most […]

The province’s epidemic prevention and control scheduling television conference

  On November 1st, the Provincial New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters held the province’s epidemic prevention and control dispatching TV conference, targeting the current domestic epidemic situation, comprehensively deploying prevention and control.   The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to comprehensively add a large data investigation, entrance management, community investigation, nucleic acid detection, […]

Tibet Changdu: Civilized life, you and I participate in volunteer service demonstration

Your location: >> Text Tibet Changdu: Civilized life, you participate in volunteer service demonstration drive Source: Changdu Civilization Network Release time: 2021-12-02 November 30, Changdu Women’s Federation organizes the party members and cadres to go to the health block area "Service Director" Volunteer Service Theme Party Day Activities. The activities conducted through the hanging banner, […]

Pay attention to the regular treatment of psoriasis, improve the quality of life of patients

Psoriasis is commonly known as "psoriasis", is a common chronic inflammatory skin disease, is harmful, and it is difficult to cure. At present, my country’s psoriasis is high, how to prevent psoriasis is a question worth exploring. Recently, Professor Lu Chijie, a member of the National Committee of China, and Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional […]