Chengdu Yimin Group in-depth promotes "I do practical things for the masses" practice activities

  The party committee of Chengdu Yimin Group in-depth implementation of the party history learning education to carry out the arrangement of "I do practical things for the masses", fully use the party membership service team, promote the "high-quality community service to create" four research, strengthen Five services such as high quality vegetable baskets, effectively combined […]

Chengdu announced 15 companies in the 2021 key industry listed leading business list, why should you focus on cultivation?

  ● 4 companies are selected for two consecutive years, in their respective subsets, are in relatively leading positions ● Newly selected, including electronic information, equipment manufacturing, biopharmaceutical and other fields ● As of the end of October 202, Chengdu industrial and informationization A total of 84 listed companies in the field, the market value size […]

Chengde Fengning increases the thick Beijing-North "Green Green Great Wall"

Original title: Fengning increases the thick Beijing-North "Green Great Wall" to implement the ecological county strategy to pick up the "two districts" construction responsibility Chengde Fengning increase the thick Beijing-North "green Great Wall" in the Chengde Fengning Manchu Autonomous County colorful, birch Golden, maple leaves like fire, loose needle green, a beautiful ecological picture. At […]

China has expanded and opened the world to win

China has expanded open promotion world win-win release time: 2021-11-1510: 26 Monday Source: Rule of Law Daily Global Rule of Law This newspaper reporter Suning November 5th to 10th, the 4th China International Import Expo (Entering Expo) Shanghai was held as scheduled. As the world’s first national exhibition, the Expo is the national exhibition in […]

All-round service enterprises develop Changsha High-tech Zone to lead the recruitment combination

Recruitment activity site. High-tech Zone for the map of Changsha On December 7th, after the Central Talent Work Conference, Changsha High-tech Zone Organizational Personnel Bureau (People’s Social Security Bureau) The first time organized team to Sichuan University, University of Electronic Science and Technology, Anhui University, Guilin University of Technology, etc. College. More than a thousand […]

Beijing Disease Control Reminder: Put the disposable glove when buying fresh food such as vegetables and vegetables

Original title: Beijing Disease Control Reminder: Sending a vegetable and vegetables such as fresh food, wearing a disposable gloves in the 149th press conference of the new coronary virus pneumonia epidemic situation, the deputy director of the Municipal Disease Control Center There is a media report that the number of employees of overseas meat food […]

Take the flag! The 7th Shijiazhuang City Travel Conference entered the "Zanhuang Time"

  The meeting was held in "1 + N" video conferencing mode. Hao Yanhong Xiangzan Huang County is located in the east of Taihang Mountain, the southwest of Shijiazhuang, the provincial capital, is the key county of the county, the old district, the millennium counties, the national poverty alleviation and development work, is also the national […]

China Donating South Sudan Education Technology Second Phase Item officially launched

Xinhua News Agency, Nairobi, December 6 (Reporter Li Huiling) Juba News: China Deliven South Sudan Education Technology Phase II Project launching ceremony 6th held in South Sudan, Juba. The South Sudan Vice President Abdulba said in the launching ceremony that the project will bring China’s advanced educational concept and valuable experience to South Sudan, providing […]

The first city brand Deqing is selected into the Xinhua News Agency National Brand Project

Deqing County Committee Standing Committee, Propaganda Minister Zhou Zhifang.Zhou Zhi, member of the Deqing County Committee, and the Propaganda Department, said that under the new development pattern, it is necessary to stand out in the new round of urban competition, Deqing must strive to build its own city brands. Xinhua News Agency’s national brand project […]