2021 Xuzhou Cultivated Land Protection Activity Bit Jiangsu First

Original title: This "rice bowl", Xuzhou end is stable! On November 7th, Xinchun Years of Dongshan Town, Xining County.

Hu Zheng learned that he was really cold.

But think about the terraces on both sides of the White Horse River or a green oil, the old Hu Xin is warm and warm, "all the watercutor construction land for many years, last year, I contracted more than 100 acres, just put the wheat.

Wu Hong, director of the Natural Resources and Planning Bureau of Xining County, went to the account, and the Guanshan Town reclaimed more than 1,900 mu of farmland last year. "With 400 kg of mu, it will receive 760,000 kilograms of wheat in the first quarter. "The cultivated land is the life of food production.

Zhang Jie, Director of the Farmland Construction Department of Xuzhou City, is a bigger account – "In recent years, Xuzhou’s annual food production accounted for one of the total output of the province. If you want to be station 500 Tens of thousands of tons of ‘rice bowl’, the key is to protect cultivated land. During the "13th Five-Year Plan", Jiangsu Province, Xuzhou City, the cultivated land main target mission is 10,000 mu, the permanent basic farmland protection target task is 10,000 mu, Xuzhou City is smooth mission accomplished.

On October 27, Jiangsu Provincial Natural Resources Department released the "Announcement on the 2021 provincial-level cultivated land protection incentive", Xuzhou City’s cultivated land protection results column first, this is also since the assessment in 2017, Xuzhou City has achieved best result".

"This’ first ‘is’ is".

"Wu Hong has been in the first line, strictly guard against the red line of the death and cultivated land for more than 20 years.

Xuzhou included cultivated land protection work into the city’s key economic work target assessment, the city-county-town-village (group) layers signed a responsibility book, constructing a complete cultivated land protection system system.

"Take our Guanshan Town, after signing the responsibility of the village cadres, every week, we must report an inspection result, our law enforcement personnel are not less than three times a week.

Wu Hong said.

In order to "guard", Xuzhou is determined by the "non-agriculturalization" of cultivated land, and the attitude of zero tolerance has compressed new illegal land.

At the same time, strict implementation of "accounted for one supplementary one, account for excellent complement, accounting for water field, so that Xuzhou completed construction, the construction of construction, supplemented by 130,000 mu," Guard "lived in the city The overall stability of cultivated land area. This "first" is "award".

On October 22, Xinyi City received a total of 2.6 million yuan of cultivated land protection funds, Xinyi City Natural Resources and Planning Bureau Farmetic Board of Science and Technology is very excited: "With real gold and silver, this is more powerful. ! "Provincial Awards a township of 2 million yuan, our municipal level rewards 1 million yuan per township, 200,000 yuan per village, county-level policy support and support, showing superimposed effect and forward incentive.

"Wang Xiaoqiang, deputy director of the Natural Resources and Planning Bureau of Xuzhou City.

Endless "rice bowl" is only the starting point, Wang Xiaoqiang said, "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Xuzhou will adhere to the most stringent farmland and permanent basic farmland protection system, realize the number, quality, layout, ecology, and five integrated integrated protection.

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