Agricultural Development Hubei Branch Business Department has accelerated high quality development

The Sales Department of Hubei Branch of the Hubei Branch adheres to the study of the school history to study the education of the party history, with the fundamental of the understanding, with the focus of doing practical things, to open the New Bureau as the goal, constantly transforming the results of learning education into The actual actions of the firm beliefs and officers of party loyalty have accelerated the high quality development of the business.

The bank established the party history to study the education leadership team, forming a hand to take the lead in the leadership, the implementation mechanism of the performance department. Four four tour guidance groups, clearly learn tasks, study requirements, time planning and work responsibility. The Location of the Discipline Inspection Collection is included in the party history education into political supervision and daily supervision, introduces the supervision work program, starting the discipline inspection cadres to learn gardens and business training, carrying out the supervision and discussment, improve the assessment mechanism, implement the work deployment, task, and tour guide to fully Supervise, ensuring effectiveness of learning education in party history.

Selecting the Branch Secretary, Branch Member and Party Group Length, 27 grassroots party organizations to standardize the "three sessions and one lesson" organized life, and carry out the education of party history, let the majority of party members and cadres draw the wisdom of party history, wash the dust , Excitation forces.

The party committee took the lead in the lead in theory, creating actions, in-depth, and took the lead in a good atmosphere. Through the "First Topics" of the Party Committee, the theoretical study center group study, and learn in-depth study and implement the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in the new era, and learn one step by first. Carry out the Party Committee "The First Topical" study 22 times, the theoretical learning center group learned 11 times.

Combined with the specified reading, surrounding the "four special", contact the anti-vlotries, carry out special learning seminars, the party committee (branch) team members take the lead to teach the topic party class, organize the topic of the topic, participate in the history of the party, the game of the game, cultural sense Party history, practice strong party history, etc., the party’s day activities, earnestly leading the company’s employees to feel the great idea from the history of the 100th year, firmly and firmly believe.

15 party branches launched 225 parties, "online + off" party history and training more than 160 times; fully utilize all kinds of publicity platforms, increase publicity, and send the party history learning education topography 262, in The mainstream media of the provincial level is used in more than 600 bills. Produce 63 Party History Learning Education Exhibition Board, fully display the highlights and effectiveness of the sales department system in party history education and "three actions". The trip is tight around the service of three rural, serving customers, service employees, and serving 245 practices, and has been completed 245. The bank guarantees local food security, safeguards farmers’ interests as an important political task, and strives to do policy grain and oil storage business; tailor-made the optimization financing program, earnestly fulfill the responsibility mission of the revitalization of policy financial services; The fee benefits, actively do the work of HP financial services, and help private small and micro enterprises to develop steadily. The bank establishes younger employees, especially the new-in-law two-way training exercise mechanism, improve the management performance evaluation system, enhance the sense of employees and satisfaction; carry out difficult employees, old party members, old cadres condolences to help activities; strengthen regular epidemic prevention and control Effectively protect the health and safety of cadres and employees; improve employee office conditions, strengthen employee canteen construction, and abundant employees. The bank insists on carrying out financial knowledge, financial policy publicity and urban cleaning, civilized guidance and other volunteer service activities, actively cooperates with communities to do a good job in urban civilization; carry out "love escort" action, donate to community staff who fight against epidemic prevention Epidemic prevention materials; carry out the resident to help and consume the help, organize and condolences to difficult children, and the elderly people are really interested in doing practical things for the masses. The bank insists on the use of through, the letter of credibility, surrounding local major construction projects and key customers, carrying out the centralized rural revitalization and the Yangtze River protection "big investigation, big propaganda, big dock" centralized actions, decomposes the target task to the branch, department And individual; establish marketing, approval, put "three tables", strengthen monitoring analysis, solve blockage, difficult problems; strengthen the management, abide by the compliance operation, strengthen risk monitoring and warning disposal, and improve policy credit agriculture Result. From January to October, the bank fully serves the key areas and key links of "three rural", and has put on all kinds of support for farmers. As of the end of October, the balance of loans is billion, growing hundreds of millions of dollars, an increase of billions from the beginning of the year.

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