[Is horseradish mustard]_Features_Features

[Is horseradish mustard]_Features_Features

The main ingredient of wasabi is wasabi, which is the main combination of Japanese cuisine, and horseradish is made from horseradish, the color is yellow, and wasabi is green, and the basic difference is the use of wasabi and horseradish.They are completely different and cannot be replaced.

Horseradish is a more common seasoning in the Northeast. It can be paired with noodles to allow people with coldness to expel the cold air from their bodies.

Is mustard horseradish Mustard and horseradish taste similar, but not all are the same thing.

Horseradish, commonly known as horse radish, is generally yellow, and mustard green is more common, and it is called wasabi in Japan.

The difference between horseradish and mustard. The real mustard raw material is a plant called Brassica Brassica called “mustard”. Its seeds are ground into a powder called mustard and pressed into oil called mustard oil.

In China, mustard has a long history. It has been eaten in palaces since the Zhou Dynasty. Folks often use it as a herb to reduce swelling and pain, and now mustard and mustard oil are often used as cold seasonings in cold dishes.

In foreign countries, the English name of mustard is “mustard”, and it becomes the kind of yellow mustard that is eaten on hot dogs. It is actually a kind of thing that is different from Chinese mustard.

The “green mustard” in the Japanese food is called wasabi. Of course, it refers to the flavored green paste wasabi used in Japanese cuisine. Looking at the translation, you know that wasabi and wasabi are completely different. It is not the “wasabi” we are used to.It is a plant called wasabi.

Wasabi also belongs to the family Brassicaceae, but it is not Brassica or Wasabi. Because it is a cousin with mustard, the taste will be somewhat similar, and it will be easy for us to “think wasabi”.

Cruciferae (This branch has a seasoning package!

) Contribute a plant called “horseradish”, and then someone successfully used it to copy the cottage wasabi.

Although the sauce made by horseradish is light yellow, the greenish color of wasabi sauce is added after adding food coloring.

Mustard be cultivated in China? Since the early 1980s, every year, Hebei, Sichuan, Guizhou, Heilongjiang and other places have conducted mustard introduction experiments.

At present, the previous planting area of mustard was 800 acres in Sichuan Province and 200 acres in Guizhou Province. Due to the history of mustard cultivation in Dalian for several years, the planting area was more than 10,000 acres.

The mustard seeds produced are divided into black mustard seeds, yellow and white mustard seeds, and brown mustard seeds.

Among them, the content of allyl isothiocyanate produced by crushing light yellow large grains is the highest. Therefore, mustard seeds with large seeds and yellow color must be selected as raw materials when producing mustard sauce.

At present, the quality of the mustard raw materials produced in Shaanxi each year is the best.

Although the mustard seeds are expected to be produced in large quantities, they have not been fully utilized. Except for a few processed into mustard powder, a large number of them are exported as raw materials.

In fact, the mustard sauces in Japanese restaurants are almost all domestic, so the taste is relatively light. You ask him if he has any heavy mustard, and you will get imported ones for you.