[What soup can kelp cook?]_ Making method _ practice Daquan

[What soup can kelp cook?]_ Making method _ practice Daquan

Believe that when it comes to kelp soup, everyone should not be unfamiliar, especially those who like to watch Korean dramas should be common on TV. Koreans like kelp soup very much.

In fact, kelp soup is so popular with everyone because of its delicious taste and because it is rich in nutrients.

There are also many ingredients that can be used to cook soup with kelp. The following article introduces several ingredients that are used to cook soup with kelp.

What kind of soup can kelp cook? Ingredients for kelp, tofu soup: kelp, northern tofu, pork belly, ginger, chives, chicken essence, miso, cooking methods: 1. Soak the kelp in water for a while, then thoroughly clean it and cut it into thickwire.

2. Sliced pork belly, cut cubes of tofu, sliced ginger, chopped green onions, and set aside.

3, hot oil in the pot, when 60% hot, add meat slices and ginger slices, stir fry pork belly with medium heat until both sides slightly turn yellow, then you can start to cook.

4, then use the remaining oil in the pot, put in tofu, stir fry all sides into golden brown.

5. Fill the pot with broth, add kelp, sliced meat, add miso and chicken essence.

After the fire has boiled, simmer for 20 minutes on a medium-low heat and sprinkle with spring onions before serving.

Second, soy kelp trotter soup ingredients: two trotters, appropriate amount of kelp, 200 grams of soybeans, 100 grams of rice wine juice, ginger slices, a small handful of green onions, a star anise, a small handful of peppercorns, a piece of cinnamon, two pieces of fragrant leaves, Salt amount, one piece of ginger, green onions for a period of practice: 1, ready raw materials.

The trotters are chopped into pieces, the kelp and soybeans are soaked in advance, and the soaked kelp is cut into small pieces; the ginger and the ginger are cut into pieces, and the green onions are cut into small pieces.

2. Add enough water to the pot, add trotters, peppercorns, star anise, cinnamon, fragrant leaves, ginger, green onions, boil for another ten minutes and remove the trotters for later use.

3. Turn the trotters into a pressure cooker, add ginger, scallions and knots, add an appropriate amount of water, add soybeans and kelp, and add rice wine juice.

4. Transfer to the soup, add an appropriate amount of salt after the procedure, and sprinkle with spring onion.

Second, radish, kelp and beef in pot material: 400 grams of beef tendon, 100 grams of carrot, 100 grams of white radish, 50 grams of seaweed kelp, 15 grams of green onion, 5 grams of ginger slices, 4 tsp of refined salt, 2 tsp of MSG, 2 large cooking winesSpoon practice: 1. Wash the carrots and white radishes, peel them, and cut into hob pieces.

2. Wash the seaweed kelp; wash the beef tendon meat, cut into large pieces, add to the boiling water pot and simmer for 3 minutes, remove and rinse.

3. Heat the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water to boil, and then add the beef, carrot pieces, white radish pieces, and kelp over medium heat for 2 hours.

4. Add salt, monosodium glutamate, and cooking wine to taste evenly.

Third, kelp stewed duck soup material: 250 grams of duck meat, 50 grams of kelp shredded hair, onion section, ginger slices, salt, pepper, each appropriate amount Practice: 1, duck meat washed, chopped into small pieces, simmer water; waterWash the hair ribbon.

2. Pour the oil in the pan and heat it. Add the shallots, ginger slices and fragrant incense, then add the duck and kelp to stir fry.

3, add an appropriate amount of water, cook until the duck is cooked, season with salt and pepper.

Fourth, kelp radish stewed ribs ingredients: ribs, kelp, white radish, onion ginger, pepper, salt, rice wine practices: 1, rib ribs soaked in water and washed with water to remove blood foam.

2. Put the ribs in a casserole, pour in cold water, add rice wine, green onion and ginger, and then open the fire.

After the soup is opened, skim the foam.

3, add kelp and wash the kelp over low heat and simmer until the ribs are mature.

4. Cut the white radish into a hob block, add the soup and continue to simmer until the white radish is cooked through. Add pepper and salt before seasoning.

V. Kelp lotus root burdock soup material: burdock 400 grams, lotus root pieces 100 grams, kelp knot 80 grams, ginger slices 10 grams, cooking spoon 1 tablespoon, salt 1 teaspoonRemove the blood and water by scalding, remove and wash, drain, and set aside; wash the mucus with kelp knot.

2. Put the burdock pieces into the casserole, pour an appropriate amount of water to boil, add cooking wine, and use a low heat for another 1 hour.

3. Put lotus root pieces and ginger slices into the pot and simmer with burdock pieces for 40 minutes until the meat is soft and rotten.

4. Add kelp crust and cook for about 10 minutes, then season with salt.

The above is the introduction of what kind of soup kelp can cook.

Kelp can be put into kelp tofu soup, soy bean kelp trotter soup, turnip kelp beef stew, kelp stewed duck soup, kelp stewed pork ribs, kelp lotus root sirloin soup, etc. These are very nutritious food, and the method is relatively simple.