Chen Long in the second round of the All England Championships?Lin Dan had to break the round tour first

Chen Long in the second round of the All England Championships?Lin Dan had to break the “round tour” first
The World Badminton Professional Tournament All England Open announced today the results of each individual draw. The three major men ‘s singles in the national feather are in the second half. Lin Dan and Chen Long may encounter in the second round.In this year’s British Championships, from March 11th to 15th, this year’s antiques, there were 6 players in the national feather men’s singles, and 5 were divided in the second half.The most talked about Lin Dan in the first round against Thailand’s Kun Lawut, the under-aged “genius boy” won the World Youth Men’s Singles Championship in the past three years.Last year’s Thailand Open, Lin Dan fought with Kun Lawut in the first round for 55 minutes and won in three innings.Lin Dan urgently needs to retrieve the status.Figure / Osports participated in the three races this year, Lin Dan ended in a “round tour”, this British Open is undoubtedly an opportunity to end the embarrassing record.However, it is still unknown whether Lin Dan did not go to the UK with Guo Yu’s troops or waited for a visa in Beijing.If I haven’t played for more than a month, whether I can maintain my state and feel will determine Lin Dan’s performance.If he can successfully pass the first round, Lin Dan’s next opponent will be the winner between Chen Long and India’s Srikante.Long is the No. 3 seed of the All England this time and has recently won two straight victories against his brother.In addition, No. 7 seed Shi Yuqi is in the same quarter as No. 2 seed Axelon.Chen Yufei, the world’s number one women’s singles, faced South Korean teenager An Xiying in the first round.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Chen Wang Chunqiu proofreading Wei Zhuo