“Alright!Your mother-in-law is not ordinary,I’m afraid she will retaliate against me,If not for rat poison in the meal,Wouldn’t I be your funeral”

Wang Youcai laughed loudly。
Chen Gui smiled a little embarrassedly and said:“Let’s go!No matter how bad she is,Not so bad。She said,I really trouble you this time,She has to cook a delicious meal by herself”
Chen Yueqin saw that her son Wang Youcai was sitting still,She couldn’t help but said:“Go!Don’t look at the face of the monk,You give Chen Gui another face。Anyway,You two grew up together”
Wang Youcai thought about it,So he got up and walked outside with Chen Gui。Some old people in the village may know that Meizi is back,Therefore, Chen Gui and Wang Youcai got together from the village,Some old people whispered about。
Rural and urban are the same,Good things don’t go out,Bad things spread thousands of miles。Meizi followed Chen Jiu to Qingshan County,Almost spread throughout the village。for the kids,Chen Gui can only swallow his teeth,His smile is actually pretended。
Meizi, who was busy in the kitchen, saw that Wang Youcai was here,She ran out happily and said:“Chen Gui!Take out the best tea leaves in the cabinet and soak,I’ll be fine in a while”
Seeing Meizi in a good mood,Wang Youcai and Chen Gui went to Xifang。Chen Gui really took out a box of unopened tea leaves and made a cup of tea for Wang Youcai。The two chatted,Tasting tea,As if unpleasant things have never happened。
After about half an hour passed,Meizi came in with two bowls of handmade noodles。Chen Guiyi,He smiled and said to Wang Youcai:“Eat quickly!Plum craftsmanship is particularly good,Most people want to eat her noodles,It’s really not easy”
Wang Youcai laughed,He picked up the bowl and ate with Chen Gui。When they finish their first bowl,The second bowl of plums was delivered。
Chen Gui’s old mother took her two children to a relative’s house for the wedding,So the house looks a bit quiet。
When Wang Youcai finished the second bowl of noodles,Feel a little sleepy。He fell down the corner of the big kang,Before he knew it, he fell asleep。
In sleep,Wang Youcai only feels very cold,He kept curling up。Suddenly someone called his name,He suddenly opened his eyes,I found my old lady Chen Yueqin standing by his side。Wang Youcai is shocked,He hurriedly stood up,Sat up straight。
“Where is this?Why it’s dark,I’m not dreaming!”
Wang Youcai shook his head vigorously,She wants to clear herself up,Reluctantly, my head swells up。What made him even more angry was that Chen Gui slept on the edge of the kang and snored like thunder。
“Hey!What’s the matter with you two?How do you sleep like a dead pig,Chen Guitui couldn’t wake up”
Chen Yueqin asked loudly with a surprised look。
slowly,Wang Youcai only remembered,He fell asleep after eating noodles made from plums。Thought of here,He couldn’t help but cried out:“Where’s the plum person?Where did she go?”
“People who haven’t seen her!It’s dark after you eat a meal,I call you and never answer,So come to find you。I didn’t expect to come in,I saw you two sleeping,There is no figure of plum at all”