The special point is“Very high plasticity”。

“Hehe,Your slash is of no use to me!You can slash as many times as you want!”The smile on Skopodor’s face is even worse。
Obviously, after discovering that a powerful swordsman’s slash could not help him at all,He feels that his future will be brighter。
So I don’t be impatient or impatient at this moment。
Leo didn’t worry about the complete failure of the slash,Now that I know the characteristics of the other’s fruit,Instead of worrying too much。
The unknown is the strongest enemy。
“Do you think i can’t help you?”Leo laughed。
I can still laugh when I see Leo,Skopodor did not expect。
“Didn’t you experiment just now??Could it be that you have a stronger slash?”Skopodor doesn’t believe it,I’m afraid that the sword just now can kill myself without fruit,If Leo is really so strong, it’s impossible not to show the mountains or show the water。
Being strong also requires process。
“Do not,The blow just now is my strongest swordsmanship!”Leo shook his head。“To this extent I really can’t help you!”
“Then you can still laugh?Could it be fun before death?”Skopodor looked at Leo with interest。
The result of the previous fight made him behave casually at the moment。
First19chapter Leo’s show operation
“If your fruit level is high,I’ll turn around and leave immediately,It’s a pity that just relying on the ability of the fruit itself is not enough to make me give in!”A wicked smile suddenly appeared on Leo’s face。
Skopodor sees Leo’s smile and suddenly feels,What’s the matter with such inexplicable confidence?
“You don’t speak big words here!Just try it out if you have the ability,I was not scared!”Skopodor angrily said,He was frightened by Leo for a moment。