Under close observation,Comrade Peng did not suffer any trauma,So it seems that Humpty Dumpty is well-measured,It’s just a little insulting to hang like this。Li Tianchou frowned,Nervously thinking about the countermeasures,But Tengran found that there was reflected light on a roof hundreds of meters away,Although it’s just a short moment,But didn’t escape his eyes。Sniper!This is Li Tianchou’s first reaction。

“how about it?Genuine goods at a fair price,Brother give me a word。”The teapot’s eyes are narrowed,The face hidden behind the mask is a weird smile。
“True or not,But the price is too unreal。Dude, this is an errant。”Li Tianchou shook his head。
“I have always been simple in business,I deliver,You pay,No room for bargaining。”
“What if I can’t give the money?”Li Tianchou raised his eyebrows,Staring viciously at the dumpy,But my feet are pouring strength。
“Equally simple,Parallel to dry goods,You collect the body and go home。”The teapot looks as usual,He didn’t put Li Tianchou’s provocative gaze in his eyes at all。
Chapter Two Hundred and Eighty Seven Do business
“Hahaha。”Li Tianchou suddenly laughed,“Dude doing such a big show,Take great pains,Is it just two hundred thousand?”He said,And deliberately glanced at the roof of the distant house。
“There are three knives and six holes。”The teapot is calm,Implications for Li Tianchou,He seemed to have expected it,“Mixed on the road,Seeking wealth is fundamental,But face is also important。”
The teapot just finished,Instant face change,Because the image of Li Tianchou on the opposite side was suddenly blurred,And the body leans forward very exaggerated,Form an incredible angle to the ground,Seems to fall to the ground immediately。Dazzled?wrong!Do you play tricks in broad daylight??The teapot was shocked,Fast back。
But it was so late,The teapot feels tight,The leg that just landed suddenly couldn’t step on the real thing,The whole body has a feeling of flying,What appeared in front of me was Li Tianchou’s face full of evil spirits。
“Let’s get closer,You are asking for prices,I pay the money on the spot,Do business。”Li Tianchou firmly controlled the teapot with both hands,But the strange thing is that the other party doesn’t resist。
Suffer this mutation,The mood of the teapot at the moment is actually very complicated。The first is shock and confusion,Mixed for so many years,Li Tianchou’s method just now was unheard of,Far exceeded expectations。The fuzzy image he saw a moment ago should be an afterimage,That is the visual difference left when the moving speed reaches the extreme,But compared to the running ability of ordinary people,Afterimages are just legends,But this young man acted out the legend for him himself,How not to be shocked?What is puzzled is that when he was in Wuhua last time, he did not test that the other party has such a shocking ability.,Is it deliberately suppressing and hiding?