Both gunships started to lift off at this time。

“I just got a bad news,Because the opposition’s offensive is too fierce,The army here will not form an effective assembly for a while。”
“If we can’t come back smoothly in two days,Then they will abandon the port。”
“So-called abandoned port,Is to destroy these implementations。”
The words of Flying Wolf come out,Everyone’s complexion becomes ugly。
Three days,It seems extremely tight to them。
Not to mention one day less,Only two days,It’s not enough for them to carry out this task。
“Two days,Everything that follows will be an unprecedented crisis,”Flying wolf reminded。
The entire helicopter is in a dull state,Suffocated to breathe。
Chapter Thirty Four Great crisis,Desperation
When they decided to return to Black Green City,They already know that this line may have no return。
It’s just their duty,Even if the front is a mountain of fire,They will jump down。
This is their mission and responsibility,They can’t go back。
Once they back off,Then the people behind them may be in danger,This is something that is never allowed to happen。