Li Da is very rare to say a big truth。

“Is it because the Greater Governor is going to visit the Tiger??”
Li Da is confused。
Walking first,I still don’t know this news.,Listen to Li Da,This suddenly realized。
“Oh no,Zhou Jun is going to run tonight。You and I,Attack Zhou Jialu,Try another。”
“If it is a trap??”
Li Da asked a quite a deep problem。
“Is there any risk that is risky??Which is not on the brain belt,Knife mouth?”
It is also!
Li Dai slightly:“Gao Cairo said everything listening to you.,Then I will go to the soldiers.,I am in front,You copy from two wings。”
Li Da said to have a matter,But I saw him glanced at him.:“These nonsense also use you to teach?Go to the soldiers!If the Zhou Jun runs,Contour greeting,I don’t open your ass.!”
Night is deep,The air is filled with pungent blood smell,Zhou Jun, the big camp has been destroyed,More than 100 people left,Polymerization,The Shenmei Army Group led by the week!
Full big camp is the body,Tiger down the goddess of the mountain cattle knife killing chicken,He Rukun and him,Just like the lamb,Slightly rebellion,Be dispersed,Split,Annihilate one by one!
There is only the last one of the husband’s rate.。
The winning circle of the Shenmei army is separated.,Wear it out。There is a banner on the ground.,He smiled and used this banner to wipe itself to the bottom plate.,Around the army of the whole gods。
“Who can you say something?,Come out,I will spare you not to die.。A word, it is difficult to chase。”
These people are gathering,It is definitely a constant,Zhou Juan general,It is very likely that it is。
“I am Zhou Jun Lord to Hulun Town.,If you can let me get these brothers,I am willing to let them put down the weapon。”
He Ruo Town took out,Faceless face-to-face。
“Concern these people,Over the tiger!”
Weekly,Go down and turn,Not interested in talking to He Ruunthen。
Just received news from the commander sent,Gao Boyi with the main force of the gods,Has arrived in the place where the city is not arriving。did not expect,Zhou Jun is a step,Ran。
Tiger Guancheng Gate opened,Out of many assistants,Convergence of Zhou Jun’s body,Digging in the ground,Work like processing non-renewable garbage。
Many people are gainful and don’t know,But it’s really worthless.。
When we are waiting to bring people back to the city,Go upstairs,I met with a big pile.“Inspect”Gao Boyi,He is still a beautiful woman who doesn’t know.。
“Large manager,Zhou Jun ran。”
It’s a little ashamed.。
Sure enough, is it??
Gao Biyi is just a nod,I didn’t show surprise or angry,should say,Current result,Just in his expectations。
If the Armed Force is not even this,That really don’t have to be mixed.,Military levels have fallen to Yushenzi,What is it?。
“Tianhe is easy to be ambushed,Snergists trim,Take the Zhou Jun tomorrow。correct,Who is Zhou Jun left behind??”
Gao Bao seems to think of this,Asked very sudden。
Zhou Zhou arch:“This person named Hulun Town,Not an unknown generation,Dadohorse should know。”
Do you know??Of course。
Gao Bao Yi smiled,Remembrance to something before。Son’s crime committed,Have a boring,This should be a Chinese tradition.。
“Where is the person?,Take me to see,I haven’t seen this old friend for a long time.。”
Mountain does not turn into the road,Gao Boyi did not expect,He Ruoyu,Actually, one day will fall into my hands.,It’s really ironic.。
“OK,Most supervisors come with me。”