See Liao Jie not lying,I really sent my own love.,Bi tyrants immediately squatted,Cold murder in the eye。

“Jiuxong Dragon,Wind Tour”
Heroes, the second half of the born,Be acknowledged:“The wind will have the dragon swim shoal,No wind,Dragon is always the dragon,Will always be in the sky。”
Just when the majestic raise hand wants to slam Nie Feng Tianling,Can’t be aware of a line of sight.,Write a source of sources,I only see the big Buddha.,Diverse,A heart on the face。
Billy face transformation,Doubt,Suspected is Liao Jie to warn himself。
Turn around,If Liao Jie doesn’t want Nie Feng,No reason to tell messenger,It is even more impossible to send Nie Feng, who hasn’t returned to his feet.。
kill,Still don’t kill?
Biller,Decided to observe Nie Feng and the thrush,Discomfort,No reason for this virtual thing,I ruined the two good knives cultivated by hand.。
“I can achieve today’s achievements.,Rely on self-improvement,What is your life?,What happens,All is a dog!”
撂 撂 撂 话,Bi tyrant kicked on the back of Nie Feng,Put the ice cream,Plute to fall into the river。
Water-fried,Nie Feng wolf is on the ice,Blinking,Line focus on the foot,Puzzle:“Master,How will you be here?”
“Convinced,You dare to ask!”
Sword,Laud:“The teacher let you find a mud buddha.,Didn’t let you,Why do you want to follow the emperor into Lingyun Cave?,You know I am redeeming you back,How big is it??”
Caution,Heroes,Low head, cough, cough,Five fingers,Piece of palm。
This acting skill,The next version of the wind,Didn’t play yourself,Refuse!
Nie Feng is shocked,Hello to support the majesty,The latter is pushed away,Improvalness I didn’t know what I did in place.。
Biller will take this scene,Dark road Nie San stupid,I can play between the applause.,Not afraid。
Think of this,Magnificent face improves:“Wind,Big good men, how to twist gesture,For the teacher, you will worry about you and die.,Anxious attack,It’s just fine this blood.。”
Nie Feng heard,More regret,Although I don’t know what the so-called price is.,But by the milder love wrapped,The whole person is moving unrecognized,The tears that don’t live, can not stop。
“The world will God,One hundred people above,Cry,Not afraid of being joke。”
Heroes and cold,Poster,Run your hand on Nie Feng’s shoulder:“Tell me,What kind of grievances are you suffering in Lingyun Grotts?,I can spoke anything.,We want to come back。”
“Master,I have not been wronged。”
Nie Fengyi face,15110 will happen these days,I said it from the head to the end.。
For example, Liao Jiewu Yigong is rare,For example, there is a bone of his Nie Jiaxian in Lingyun Cave.,Such, for example, blood,There is also the dog’s general fire unicorn。
Fire unicorn,Nie Feng bite his teeth,Feel relieved:“Emperor’s predecessors although the temper,But I am still very good.,Pointing me to enter the Lingyun Grotto to find the championship left by the ancestors,I also sent me three blood bodhi to prevent it.,I only hate the fire unicorn,It is simply not a person!”
Nie Feng is kind,Temperament,Let him squeeze people,The swear is really a bit hard.,As far as this sentence is still searching for shaping。
Biller heard straight white eyes,It is more unrestrained to Nie Feng.,Unhappy:“Without further ado,In the end what happened,What happened to me??”