“Big brother,Come,Old, let us with him a few cups,He didn’t drink。”Lin Yu laughs。

“I will go out to go to the spirit.。”Lindao Xuan smile,Directly euphemism。
“sweat,Big brother,Can you go today??”Lin Yu frowned:“And too far。”
“Let him go.,Who is the spirit??”Lin Feng smiled and took the shoulder of Lin Daoxuan.:“Which is?”
“father,I”Lin Dao Xuan Zhang Qiang wants to speak,Some of the look:“I said, don’t be angry.。”
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Chapter 118 Annoyed
“Dao Xuan,You should know me,I have never been asked in this regard.。”Lin Feng patted Lin Daoxuan’s shoulder。
“father,father,She is not my family。”Lindao Xuan low channel。
“How is this?Zhu Tian Dafu,No matter which family you choose,I will not ask.。”Lin Feng looked at Lin Dao Xuan Xiao。
“Old man,This is true?”Lincao Xuan Wen Yan Shu Road。
“of course it’s true,sentimental,Finish!”Lin Feng carrying his hands and reprimanded:“When did it develop such a personality?。”
“Big brother,Old man let you say,You just say。”Lin Yu laughs。
“Old man,She is a granddaughter of the Temple of Xian Tianjian.!”Lindao Xuan low head。
“what?Xian Tianjian?His granddaughter?How do you mix it with this sent person??”Lin Feng wrinkled frown,He is preparing to remove the forces of Taihua in the Arntian Temple,And he is very deep and the fairy。
Xian Tianjian is also tragic by him,This is too deep.。
“Old man,This is what you let me say。”Lindao Xuanxi。
“If it is against??”Lin Feng is serious and looking at Lin Dao Xuanxi。
“If you oppose,I have no opinion,But old,I will not marry her woman.。”Lin Daoxuan bite tooth,It’s a little dodge when you start.,But at this moment, I look firmly watching Lin Feng.。
“Big brother!”
Lin Yu loudly pulled down Lin Yu’s http://www.rmbtrip.cn sleeve。
“Give me out!”Lin Feng big sleeves one point and pointed to the door,His heart is inexplicably rising。
“Go out and go out!”Lin Dao Xuan Wen Yan directly turned out,The figure instantly disappeared at the door.。
“Big brother……”Lin Yu is hurry to chase out。
Lin Feng’s movie standing in the small courtyard,I took out a smoke and spit a smoke ring.,And look at the distant void,A boring in my heart,And later picking up a pot of wine in front of the table.。
“Where did he go??”Lin Feng looked up at Lin Yu Road。
“Big Brother took her out to take her heart.。”Lin Yu smiled and said:“Old man,Mow。”
“Where to go to my heart?”Lin Feng frowned。
“Where can I go??Definitely within the scope of the fire。”Lin Yu explained:“Old man,this matter……”
“Humph,You are now not small,He now goes to Tianfeng.?”Lin http://www.haobaojia.cn Feng said coldly and glanced at Lin Yu:“Prepare the lower world to travel?”
“Hey-hey,Everything is hidden。”Lin Yu wondered and laughed。
“tell him,I am not against him.。”Lin Feng said that he looked at the distant void deep breathing.:“Time to bring back。”
“Hey-hey,I will know that the old age is。”Lin Yu smiled and said。
“Mock up?Why didn’t you see her??”Lin Feng suddenly looked at Lin Yu Road:“Don’t have trouble?”
“What can I?,She returned to the side of the family these days.,I have a distinguished part to go back.。”Lin Yu Road。
“That’s good,it is good,Go to a place now。”Lin Feng’s watch is deeply deep,He took the body of Lin Yu to go,Direct torn space,The next moment appeared in the sky.。
“Old man,What are you doing here??”Lin Yu doubts。
“Let you know some people。”Lin Feng looked at Lin Yu:“Notify you of your big brother to come。”