These are all poised,Gob Jun has not said with the summer。

Now I heard that the summer is inheriting,Gob Sword can be described as a horrified,The heart is overwhelming。
In the pole,Yanchuan Daoguan is only missing countless years,Over time,Only there is a rumor that he has fallen。
And now,Summer gets its inheritance,Don’t you confirm those rumors?。
阎 川 道 主……Really fallen?
That is the Lord of Tang,More than the Holy King,What exactly,Actually fall?
One more thing。
Reward When the old ancestors in the early wooden system did not achieve the supreme high,And Yinchuan Daoguan is a friend。
So so,Summit is a little scary。
Gogy’s mind,Suddenly,Shame,What did you think of。 Five mountains,The high elderly finally evolved two space laws。
And let summer pass through colorful ban,I realize the power of chaos……
Gof Sword has always thought that the summer is comparable to the child.,I have never been exempt from being unbelievable.,Even than him, I have to be approved by the Gao Human.。
Now it seems,I am only afraid that I have already known that the summer is inherited in the Lord, the Lord.。
So look at the emotion of the Lord Kagawa,Let the summer get so much in the summer。
One time,The idea of the Gogh’s Brain Sea is coming,Think of many。
NS3955chapter Clear
NS3955chapter Clear
Inside the temple。
The Tiantian Holy King on the high platform suddenly laughed.。
“good,Ha ha,very good,summer,Your story is very exciting,I almost believe。”
Speech,Do not recognize summer estimation。
Summer laughing,I will not go deep more。
after all,This conclusion even he felt unbelievable。
And there are many places full of contradictions,Multiple unreasonable。
but,He still tends to inference……I can only get more powerful after I will,I can always find the truth!
Yuan Gui also attached to the laugh,“Ha ha,All right,Don’t talk about this,We only narrow the old feelings today。”
After the end,Be with,The door of the hall is silent.。
Outside the waiting maid,In pouring in water,Welcome to the beautiful table in the main hall。
Wang Tian Holy King walked from the high platform,Invite summer with goflings,Sight is very intensive。
Next,Four people talk about,The atmosphere is also harmonious。
Summer acquisition,No matter whether it does not recognize,He is now the disciple of Yanchuan Road。
In addition, he is in a weak hour.,So don’t feel restraint。
And Go Jian experienced the initial nervousness,Also gradually calmed down。