Adhere to the "Three Focus" to write the party history and study "force"

Since the development of party history, Zhejiang Business Vocational and Technical College has attached great importance to the implementation and promotion of "three as" (for the masses to do practical things. An important part of education, as an important event that can solve practical problems and practical significance. Focus on "Improving", and strive to do good things in Huimin. The school has organized the urgent difficulties of 151 teachers and students through organizational research, convene a symposium, public collection, and other means. The school leadership team took the lead in solving the problem.

The school organized the "Brainstorming Project" of the 2021 grassroots party organization, forming 87 projects of the grassroots party organization team, 2 demonstration projects, and the introduction of the grassroots party organization secretary ", including 5 demonstration projects The "Innovation Project" of the Grassroots Party Branch, which is 2 items. Establish special funds in the central and western regions, funding the poverty students in the Midwestern region. Focus on "support farm farmers", fully promote accurate poverty alleviation.

In order to alleviate the influence of the epidemic in Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province The effectiveness of farm farmholds. At the same time, the school helps rural revitalization and beautiful rural construction in the Aksu region in Xinjiang, and practically solve the problem of villagers’ night time, contributing to the Aksu region. Donate materials to Jinchuan, Sichuan Aba Prefecture, and carry out more than 10 boxes such as "Dreaming and Love Peer Sunset Red, Old Young Young Dream", donated to more than 10 boxes of cotton coats, sweaters and men and women, weighing more than 200 kg.

Focus on "grassroots reduction" and fully implement digital reform.

Zhejiang Business School has built the online office hall based on smart campus, achieving centralized handling of "schoolwork, logistics" approval and service matters, providing convenient, efficient and standardized services for teachers and students.

Prepare upgrades such as academic service systems, student management and service platforms.

The mobile network newspaper (Fischer control) system is running on the line, and it has effectively solved the difficulty of retaining the staff of the faculty and workers. At the same time, effectively strengthen the construction of digital campus scenes. At present, the custard recognition system, the intelligent settlement terminal, smart hydrometers, etc. of the category canteen have also officially launched. (Source: Zhu Yingming, Party Committee Propaganda Department, Zhejiang Business Vocational and Technical College.