Changsha County Gaoqiao Town: Take a "Safety Operation" to send a safe "big gift package"

People’s Network Changsha November 17th, "I know, this is because the passengers did not look at the car before driving, the driver did not remind it in time, causing the electric car after the door, the electric car driver did not With a helmet, it was serious. "Li Grande answered loudly, got the warm applause of the audience. "You analyze it very correct, the answer is very good, please send the staff to present today’s gift – safety helmet." The host is pleased. This is a prize-winning question and answer from the high-bridge town traffic safety and food safety promotion event in Changsha County, more than 100 viewers sit in front of the caravan, and actively participate in the hostess interaction.

"What is the number of food safety market supervision and complaints? Is there a special medicine for the use of wild mushroom poisoning?" Faced with the award-winning question and answer of the host, many viewers play hands to answer.

"The complaint phone is 12315, wild mushrooms can’t eat, there is no special medicine after poisoning." Ms. Li, Baiyoujia supermarket, answered.

It is reported that this is an opportunity to go to Changsha County, "ICAIN", the mission of the Township, the Town is held in Ji Town, in the town of road traffic safety and food safety creative, with program performance, video viewing, site Interaction and other forms, integrate civilized travel and food safety concept into the show, implanted into the people’s heart, send a safety helmet top 20, more than 50 gifts, food safety, etc. The rest.

It is understood that since November, Gaoqiao Town has focused on the safety production 100-day conference war and food safety in the end of the year, and the articles in publicity, and in law enforcement, the law enforcement is implemented, daily Arrangement of law enforcement power to carry out the road traffic in the main road section of the road, the laying of the intensive force has focused on "playing non-governance", launching department, village (community) full sprint to create food safety demonstration city.

"Next, we will continue to promote the first, remediation, law enforcement, and improve the mass support of the masses, and rely on the mass support of the masses. The people’s war, ensuring the safety and stability of the year old. "The relevant person in charge of Gaoqiao Town said.

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