[Dangers of husband and wife sleeping in separate rooms for a long time]_ Not good_ Harm

[Dangers of husband and wife sleeping in separate rooms for a long time]_ Not good_ Harm

In the process of falling in love, many girls will hear the reaction of married people ‘won’t be the same after marriage’. The change in the relationship between men and women after marriage does not make you care as much as when in love.

Many couples choose to sleep in the same room shortly after marriage, or choose to sleep in the same room after pregnancy. This is absolutely necessary, and it is very easy to cause feelings to fade.

This article introduces the dangers of couples sleeping in separate rooms for a long time. Let’s take a look.

1. Feelings may fade. Most modern couples have no small social pressures. They are very hard during the day. When it is necessary to comfort each other at night, if they have to sleep in separate beds at night, there is no mutual feelingsThere is no mutual sympathy, or even bedtime love is gone, that life is getting more and more lonely, and the feelings are getting weaker and weaker. 2 It may happen that extramarital affairs and two people sleep separately.More space, but it also means more opportunities for the other side to derail.

In the long night at night, when you are bored, you will always pick up your mobile phone and contact those people who were afraid to contact or miss those years. Modern communication means are getting more and more advanced. You really do n’t know. Without your night, heWho are you chatting with.

3, men who may become indifferent are more inclined to be outward in the family, women are more likely to be inward. Once there are children, women’s minds will become more and more family-oriented, and women need longer watering.It will be more and more beautiful, and she may not need it for a long time without sex. By the time you wait, you may be cold.

4, leading to divorce In general, bed separation means indifferent feelings, which may be a precursor to divorce. As time goes on, naturally no longer need the other party, eventually leading to divorce.

5, affect the health of women long-term sexual life is not satisfied, may cause dysmenorrhea, vaginitis, long spots, but also allow women to enter menopause in advance.

If you are sleeping with your lover now, then remind you to adjust quickly, otherwise the harm is more than the benefit!